Noamh Raphael

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Duchy of Noamh Raphael (English)
Diúcacht na hNoamh Raphael(Gaeilge)
Motto: Coleraineis Regis Meus, Catholicus Vita Mea (Latina)
Coleraine My King, Catholic My Life (English)
Coat of Arms:

Noamh Raphael.jpg

Dominant Party: Colerain Royalist Party
Location: Northeastern Iowa
Citizens: Census not yet taken
Date of foundation: 21 January 2009
Leadership: Ábraham na hNoamh Raphael, 1st Duke of Noamh Raphael
Language: Irish (Official), Latin (Religious), English (Dominant)
Currency: Ultach Pound
Religion: Roman Catholicism

Noamh Raphael is the heart of the Northern Duchies of Coleraine. It is the home to a number of members of the Royal Family. Noamh Raphael is home to one of the largest percentages of Catholics in one area in North America. The seat of the Duke is in the City of Dubuque.

Origins of the Duchy

The land within the Duchy comprises the majority of the lands of the Archdiocese of Dubuque. Originally created as an outpost of the Royal House by then King Tómás II, it was promoted to a Duchy with the signing of the New Euro-Colerain Alliance in 2009. Named for Noamh Raphael na hArd Aingeal (Saint Raphael the Archangel), the Duchy's patron saint, it was originally separated from the majority of the Kingdom until the annexation of the Dioceses of Minnesota, South Dakota, and Nebraska by Seán III at the beginning of his reign in 2009. The first Duke of Noamh Raphael was chosen because he was planning to move his residence from Noamh Séamus to Dubuque. He is the first man to be made a noble of the Ó Catháin Court who is of Persian descent.

Governance and the Relationship with the New European Colony of Iowa

The Duchy is subdivided into a number of Baronies. The Duchy is co-governed by the Catholic Archbishop of Dubuque, with certain authority given to the President of the Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, whose Motherhouse is located in the city. The Duchy is surrounded on three sides by the Empire of New Europe, two of those are with the New European Iowa Colony. The status of Noamh Raphael outstanding from the Iowa Colony is still uncertain, the borders and official nature of the Duchy still being worked out between the King and the Emperor.

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