Nobility of Albia

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The Nobility of Albia, officially known as Peerage System of Albia, is a system of hereditary and life titles. Titles are typically created and awarded by the Monarch of Albia and are typically awarded for merit and service to the nation.


Titles of nobility are organized into the categories of "Hereditary Peerages", "Life Peerages" and "Royal Titles".


  • King/Queen of Albia - Styled as "His/Her Majesty"
  • Prince/Princess - Styled as "His/Her Royal Highness"


  • Duke/Duchess - Styled as "His/Her Grace"
  • Marquess/Marchioness - Styled as "The Most Honourable"
  • Earl/Countess - Styled as "The Right Honourable"
  • Viscount/Viscountess - Styled as "The Right Honourable"
  • Baron/Baroness - Styled as "The Honourable"
  • Lord/Lady - Styled as "The Honourable"


Perks of being a Noble in Albia include:

  • Being able to sit in the House of Lords as a Lord Temporal
  • Priority over Others in Certain Things
  • Increased Political Opportunities
  • Increased Military Opportunities

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