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State of Alyeska

License Plate

"Where Antarctica Begins" (English)
"Donde Antartida Comienza" (Spanish)

Location of Alyeska (red) in the Federated States of Antarctica.

Capital Hillcrest
Largest City Magellan

Official languages English (primary)

Spanish (secondary)

Demonym Alyeskan

Administrator David Powell (CPA)
Provisional Governor TBD
Estimated Representation 41 Senators (2 at-large, 39 apportioned)

Established January 25, 12009

– Claimed 4,183 sq. mi
(6,731 km2)

(Slightly larger than Cape Verde) Rank 1st

– Total ~24,000 sq mi
(~60,000 km2)

Rank 7th

– Citizens TBD
– Residence TBA
– Potential 1,000,000

Time zone (UTC -6 to -3)

Postal code AY, AA-AY


Alyeska (pronounced "alley-ES-ka") was a proposed state belonging to the Federated States of Antarctica. It would have consisted several small enclaves in ice-free areas in and around the Antarctic Peninsula. The state's climate is mild for Antarctica, being similar to the Fall, Winter, and Spring in Anchorage, Alaska. Several arcology-based cities are planned primarily to protect the surrounding ecological environment from the spoiling effects of human habitation. However, this is not climatically necessary as it is in virtually all other enclaves. The largest planned city is Magellan. Other planned cities would have included Hillcrest, envisioned as a gay Mecca, as well as the proposed state capital. Since any unoccupied area south of the 60th parallel was a potential site for future Federation settlements, all potential future enclaves located between 37.5° and 97.5° West longitude and north of the Antarctic Circle would have been a part of the state.

Alyeska is the largest state in terms of formally claimed jurisdiction, despite being the smallest in terms of potential area. Roughly 60 to 70 percent of the formally-claimed area is ice-covered.

Prior to September 27, 12009, the state was known as North Antarctica.


The Magellan metropolitan area

Alyeska is the largest state in the Federated States both in area and potential population. It covers an area roughly the size of Trinidad & Tobago and can accommodate a population of around one million. Its location is primarily on a peninsula on the north side of James Ross Island. Smaller communities are planned on nearby Vega Island, as well as a few small islands in the Prince Gustav Channel.

The state is fairly mountainous and arcology-based cities are planned in small ice-free valleys in between. The region is one of the continent's very few areas where the water is warm enough for year-round shipping.

Administratively, the state is divided into six boroughs: Magellan, Vega Island, Hillcrest (municipality), Prince Gustav, Gentoo (municipality), and South Shetlands. Each borough is governed by a mayor and an Assembly, usually elected every three years, though that can vary according to borough charter. Although the federal constitution allows the state to have unorganized boroughs, there are no such divisions within Alyeska. Each borough contains several incorporated cities, which generally consist of single massive building structures that function as communes. The state capital is located in Hillcrest, the state's second largest city after Magellan.


Alyeska's Abernethy Flats on an uncommonly sunny summer day.

Alyeska could be considered tropical by Antarctic standards. January temperatures are often over 40 °F and ground temperatures have been recorded at the nearby Czech research facility at over 70 °F. Even July temperatures are mild by comparison with the rest of Antarctica, averaging between -10 °F and 30 °F. The region is fairly dry, although precipitation can fall in the form of either rain or snow at any time of the year. The area is also quite windy. The state is unique among the Federated States as the only entire state that receives sunlight year-round. In December, the state receives over 20 hours of daylight, along with what is called a "white nights" phenomena. In June, the state receives as little as 3 hours of sunlight, while all other states receive none. However, due to the fact that the skies are overcast for much of the year, the state is not particularly sunny. The state observes daylight saving time year-round.

Flora and Fauna

Alyeska is virtually a desert and has no native vegetation other than lichens and rare patches of grass. Animal life, however, is abundant. The state has numerous Gentoo and Chinstrap penguin rookeries. Snow petrels also nest on the islands. Inland, however, the state is barren.


Like all other Federation states, Alyeska will be governed as a socialist republic, with a very strong element of participatory democracy. There will be three branches of government: The executive branch headed by the Governor, the legislative branch consisting of a unicameral House of Representatives consisting of twice the number of representatives that Alyeska sends to the Federation Senate, and the judicial branch consisting of the Alyeska State Supreme Court and lower courts.

Elections are held every first Sunday in March, to coincide with Federal Elections. They are officially non-partisan and do not provide for primaries. All citizens age 16 or over who have been a state resident for at least 30 days are eligible to vote.


The Alyeska State Corporation will be the dominant business in the state. Small businesses mainly in the service and retail sector will also exist in a fairly large number, however. The state will be a tourist attraction for people from all over the world. Legalized gambling, prostitution, and marijuana will also be a major sector of the state's economy, as well as medical research that is usually prohibited in most other parts of the world.



Magellan Intercontinental Airport (MGX) will be one of three intercontinental airports in the Federated States (the other two being McMurdo Intercontinental and A.B. Dobrowolski International in Oazisgrad). As such, all air traffic originating from the Western Hemisphere and Europe will enter the country through Magellan.


The Port of Magellan will serve commercial freight and interisland ferry traffic, while the Port of Astoria and Port Ross will be primarily cruise ship and passenger vessel traffic. Since Alyeska is an island state, ferry traffic will be an important component to the public transportation infrastructure.


Gasoline vehicles will be a rarity, as they will be used mainly for commercial and industrial use. Most commuting between communities throughout the state will be by elevator, monorail, train, and bicycle. Communities will be designed in such a way that one can travel the 25-mile distance between the two extreme points of the state without ever being exposed to the outdoor climatic environment.


An ice highway that traverses the continental interior is planned.

Universities and Colleges

Two State university systems will be in place:

State University
Alyeska State University (Hillcrest)
Georgetown State University

University of Alyeska
UA Main Campus (Magellan)
UA Gentoo
UA Puerto Nevado

The University of Alyeska system will focus heavily on medical research and will manage Magellan Center, which is the official Antarctic Treaty research facility in the state. The State University system will focus on technological and computer science.

State Anthem

The state anthem is to be called "Alyeska" and will be written to the tune of "God Save The Queen". It currently has no lyrics.

Cities and Towns

Communities of Alyeska

Every city and town in Alyeska is an arcology structure and a commune. Here is a list of planned settlements in the state:

Gentoo Municipality

Hillcrest Municipality

Magellan Borough
Belair Heights
Brandy Bay
Buena Vista
Helada Beach
Los Planos
Puerto Gustavo
Rio Marron
Santa Marta
Villa Paraiso

Puerto Nevado Municipality
Puerto Nevado*

Prince Gustav Borough
Port Ross*
Principe Gustavo

South Shetlands Borough
Elephant Island
Nelson Island

Vega Island Borough
Las Laderas*
Punta Brava

(*) indicates borough seat

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