Northern Group

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Northern Group

Team Time shown in red, Northern Group in yellow.
Establishmentc~ 2000
• Census
Preceded by
Succeeded by
w:United Kingdom
The Mohawks

The Northern Group was a major pre Mohawk faction in Jacks acre which existed from circa 2000 to 2003, when it was united with Team Time to form the Mohawks. This group was richer and more powerful than Team Time, however in the unification of the Mohawks it was integrated more as an appendage to Team Time. The group was unnamed and so is now named the Northern Group.


Little is known of the Northern Group. They were established around the same time as Team Time, although they were the first to begin digging holes to sell dust, which Team Time imitated. The Northern Group however did not establish a basic hierarchy, and they were occasionally in conflict with Team Time between 2000 and 2003, despite being allied and being the stronger military force. However, after coming under attack in 2003, they united with Team Time and formed The Mohawks.


The economy of the Northern Group was more significant than Team Time, as they operated a much larger pit for fine dust to sell to other factions.


The military of the Northern Group was based on the citizen soldier, who was to fight for the group when called upon. Unlike Team Time, they were armed with sticks and staves instead of just their fists.