Northern Herald

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Northern Herald
Format A4 Paper
Type Periodical newspaper
Owners Lostisland, Byzantic Empire
CEO Yaroslav Mar
Founded November 2010
Political Allegiance Neutral
Languages English, Russian
Distributor(s) MicroWiki, micronational forums, others
Distributed In Lostisland, Byzantic Empire, Baltic Principality, Kingdom of Weissland, Mnoer Empire

The Northern Herald (Russian: Северный Вестник) is the English and Russian newspaper of the Republic of Lostisland and Byzantine Empire. It was founded in November 2010, and in December the first edition was published.

Northern Herald is the only periodical Russophone micronational newspaper, but also first ever newspaper which publishes the news of Russian micronational community in English, which makes it one of the few possibilities for foreign micronationalists to know about Russian micronational life. The Northern Herald is owned by the same name public corporation, which belongs to the governments of the Republic of Lostisland and Byzantine Empire. For its long existence, the Northern Herald became not only the most respected Russophone micronational newspaper, but also a defined leader of all Russophone micronational media, a legend of Russophone micronational community. The Northern Heraldis published on the internet and is distributed mostly from the Lostislandic website.

Related scandals

So far that the Northern Herald often postes confidential information of other micronations, it was involved in several international scandals. Thus, after the publication of the article 'Amicable Unification' in the October edition, Leader of Unification of the Amistadic Union made an official statement, demanding to remove offensive as he thought materials in order to preserve good-neighborhood. In the November edition was posted a disclaimer, and the conflict was overcamed.

Past editions

All editions of the Northern Herald can be found here.