Nothing is Lost Forever

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Nothing is Lost Forever
Studio Album by Ψ☮
Released24 September 2015 as Scott Harwood
27 June 2016 as Ψ☮
RecordedAugust 2015, The Bedroom
Berlin School
ProducerScott Harwood
Previous albumSpacial Effects (2012)
This albumNothing is Lost Forever (2015)
Next albumMinimal Psybient in Five Stages (2015)

Nothing is Lost Forever is the twenty-fourth album created by Scott Harwood, and the second to be released under the Ψ☮ alias. The album is distributed on the Shedpop label.


The album was recorded over August 2015 in The Bedroom. Notably, it was recorded before Babylon on the Streets of Pirnmill, however it languished in 'development hell'.

The full album was released for free on YouTube on the 24 September 2015.

The album is noted for its album cover, which was created using Google Deep Dream.


Nothing is Lost Forever is a Berlin School and IDM-influenced ambient album.

Track listing

All tracks were written and produced by Scott Harwood.

  1. "Side 1" (25:00)
    1. "Excrement at 2.7 Kelvin"
    2. "Purple Skies of Sapphire Eyes"
    3. "God Complex"
    4. "Ruler of Kinraer"
  2. "Side 2" (15:49)
    1. "Mad March Horns"
    2. "Nothing is Lost Forever"


  • Native Instruments Reaktor 5
  • Audacity


  • The track 'Excrement at 2.7 Kelvin' contains a sample from the Frank Zappa track 'Hot Poop'.