Novalian Senate

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Novalian Senate

Novaliask Altituantekhamber
1st session
FoundedMarch 11th, 2017
Preceded byNational Council of the Democratic Union of British States
Succeeded bySenate of the Desi Empire (federal level)
Chief Senator
Horatio Eden, Independent
Grand Protector
Horatio Eden, Independent
Political groups
Government of Arura Novale
  Independent: 1
Last election
March 11th, 2017

The Novalian Senate is the legislature of the Edenic Protectorate of Arura Novale, formerly part of the State of Lacusia of the Democratic Union of British States and current state of the Desi Empire. Led by a Chief Senator, currently Horatio Eden, the Senate of Arura Novale is the only legislative body in the nation. Established on the 11th of March, 2017, during the brief period after Arura Novale's independence from the Democratic Union, it has seen very little in the way of activity, having only passed two laws in its current session.

The Royal Charter of Arura Novale gives the Senate limited legislative authority; the Senate cannot pass any legislation without the approval of the Grand Protector, who has overarching legislative and executive power and can veto the Senate at any point in the legislative process. The Grand Protector is able to legislate unilaterally.