November 2018 Iustian general election

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November 2018 Iustian General Election

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Leader Nicolás Millán Jordan Micheal's Finnigen Hutts
Party Iustus Now Democracy Party Iustian Environmentalist
Leader since August 2018 August 2018 September 2018
Leader's seat N/A New Ongwanada N/A
Last election New Party
Current seats 3 2 N/A
Seats needed 1 2 4

Incumbent Prime Minister

Nicolas Millan
Iustus Now

The November 2018 Iustian General Election will be the third Iustian Legislative Election and the first general election of Iustus.


Parties and Candidates

Iustus Now and Nicolas Millan

Nicolas Millan, Iustus Now the candidate for Prime Minister of Iustus. To most he is a rather unique candidate for Iustus Now when he won the nominations as he leans towards being left-wing whilst most supporters of Iustus are generally right wing to centre. In his campaign, he released some

Millans campaign poster

posters and ads to help spread the cause. Along with most candidate, the most defining point was an interview with the Iustian Times to see where the candidates stand on the currency state of Iustus.

Some of the main key topics Millan talked about in his campaign is that Iustus should establish trade and an economy with the tools, opening more relations with nations and the public, and installing a dubbed 'donation tax' by some. While many of his supporters drew back on the tax and the potential economy, many switched to Micheals campaign as he was more of lower tax person, while the left-wing faction of Iustus Now stayed with Millan. In some result, some of the people in Iustus leave this to believe he lost the election for Prime Minister. While the Iustus Now party didn't release any ads or posters for the campaign they nominated Theo Balsi, Kenny Gouldmen, Andy Irons, and Nicolas Millan with all winning except for Gouldmen in New Ongwanada, although Irons and Millan were not contested for their seats.

Democracy and Jordan Micheal's

Jordan Micheal's, is the Democracy Party candidate for Prime Minister of Iustus, while have founded the Republic of Orgple he has been more involved in Iustus then he ever has been in Orgple. He is politically centre-left as of most Democracy supporters, as well as being a moderate supporter in democratic-socialism, he has pressed in campaign ads that he wants both the right and left wing of Iustus to work together and has pressed for unity.

IEP and Finnigen Hutts

Finnigen Hutts, Iustian Environmentalist candidate for Prime Minister, was the former leader of the Iustian Environmentalist-Socialist Party, which was a left - far left political party in Iustus, he was quite in Iustian polices from June - September until he consented into becoming the IEP candidate for Prime Minister after the resignation of Cooper Kiwi and Mark Diefenbaker. Finn is well known in Iustus for being a hard core believer in protecting the environment and green energy once attempting to host an environmental rally at the local middle school that he went to.

Environmentalist resignations

On September 16th 2018, Copper Kiwi President of the Iustian Environmentalist Party resigned, due to him wanting to work more on his home nation Seybold he passed his position to Finnigen Hutts. Later that week Mark Diefenbaker the Environmentalist candidate for Prime Minister also resigned, the Environmentalist Party was left candidate-less until September 27th 2018 when Finnigen Hutts also decided to run as the candidate as well as run the party.

Opinion Polls

Prime Ministerial Polls

Pollster Release Sample Nicolas Millan Jordan Micheal's Finn Hutts Other
Iustian Times 27-9-2018 9 33.3% 44.4% N/A 22.2%
Posaf Press 30-10-2018 14 28.4% 50% 21.6% 0%
Posaf Press 8-11-2018 8[1] 37.5% 50% 0% 12.5%
Posaf Press 9-11-2018 8[2] 12.5% 87.5% 0% 0%

Party Polls

Pollster Release Sample IN DP IEP Other
Iustian Times 27-9-2018 9 44.4% 33.3% 11.1% 11.1%
Posaf Press 30-10-2018 14 28.3% 57.1% 14.6% 0%
Posaf Press 8-11-2018 8 50% 25% 0% 25%
Posaf Press 8-11-2018 8 12.5% 62.5% 12.5% 12.5%


Prime Ministerial

Party Head of list Votes % Seats
Democracy Jordan Micheals 10 76% 3
Iustus Now Nicolas Millan 4 28% 3
IEP/Green Finn Hutts 0 0% 1
Popular Vote
Jordan Micheals
Nicolas Millan
Finn Hutts


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Democracy 8 57.2% 3 1
Iustus Now 2 14.2% 3 Steady
IEP/Green 2 14.2% 1 1
Communist 1 7.2% 1 1
Independent 1 7.2% 0 2
Popular Vote
Iustus Now
Seats in the House of Representatives
Iustus Now


  1. Poll was targeted for citizens in Ortyad, Uchtac, Grenadine-Iustia, and Tupos.
  2. Poll was targetes for citizens in New Ongwanada.