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Dąb (Polish)
Flag of Oak
Established2 June 2021
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)

Oak (Polish: Dąb) is a province of the Bepistani Reich.


Flag of Oak county under Canvia, and later State of Faltree

In the early 21st century, what is today Oak was settled by the Brot. The Brot started the nation of Canvia in Oak and Tug Hill, and the Canvian Confederation was established in May 2020. After this Canvia became stronger and more well known, but in the first half of 2021, after a failed attempt at a union with another country, many people left Canvia, so the Canvian government negotiated with the Faltrian government to have Canvia absorbed into Faltree, and on 2 June Canvia became the counties of Tug Hill and Oak.


Climate and geography

Oak has a Dfb (warm-summer humid continental) climate type. Oak is wooded, hilly, has fields, and is inland. Inside of the province is a large forest known as Woldland.

Natural features