Oazisgrad, East Antarctica

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City of Oazisgrad
Оазисградский Город

"Farewell of Slavianka"

The location of Oasizgrad in the New Ukraine Borough, within East Antarctica.
Country Federated States
State East Antarctica
Oblast New Ukraine
Founded 12009

Government Mayor-council, socialist commune
Mayor TBD

– Total 174 sq mi (450 km2)

Elevation 400 ft (125 m)

– Citizens 1
– Residence TBA
– Potential 100,000
– Density ?

Time zone Golf Time Zone (UTC+7)

Oazisgrad (Russian: Оазисград) is a proposed metropolis in the Federated States of Antarctica. The city would be the largest city in East Antarctica and would be the borough seat of New Ukraine. The city would be located on the Bunger Hills, which contains roughly 450 km2 (174 sq mi) of area. The city would be modeled after eastern European cities like Berlin, Moscow, and Warsaw. The infrastructure (on the other hand) would be focused on industry, which would make Oazisgrad have some modeling from Detroit and Pittsburgh.

Location and structure

A satellite view of the Bunger Hills (non-icy area).

Oazisgrad is centered around the Bunger Hills (a highland region that is particularly warmer than the surrounding area. To the north of Oazisgrad is the Shackleton Ice Shelf (a thick shelf of ice that physically blocks the city from the coast). On maps that do not include the ice shelves of Antarctica, Oazisgrad would be considered a coastal city. The city includes several areas outside the hills, which are to become preserves within the city. The northern most part of the city would be the least compact part of the city, and most likely the place for suburbs. The southern part would be the city center.

Several islands are part of the city, though these "islands" are islands of warm areas surrounded by the ice shelf. These areas would be part of a historic sector of the city, held for museums and monuments. Oazisgrad contains several lakes within its borders, and may be used for recreational purposes.


Researchers in the Bunger Hills, the proposed site of Oazisgrad.

The average temperature in Oazisgrad is around -8 °C (18 °F), with a maximum temperature of 10 °C (50 °F) and a minimum temperature of -43 °C (-45 °F). Wind speed is roughly 6 m/s to 56 m/s.

Because the city lies north of the Antarctic circle, the city gets to have sunrise and sunset everyday of the year. The winter days are extremely short, while summer days are extremely long.

The city's climate would most likely be similar to Novosibirsk and Nome.


The city's overall design would be based of of modern, eastern European cities (primarily Berlin and Moscow). After McMurdo City, Oazisgrad would be the second largest city proposed for the Federated States. The city has the potential to become the richest and most expensive city of the FS, and a top destination spot.

The proposed city landmarks of Oazisgrad are the Teleglob Towers. The two towers are would be owned by Teleglob and would act as communications and television towers, as well as observation towers. No official design has been proposed, but the potential that these could claim the title of "tallest structure of the southern hemisphere" (overlapping the Sydney Tower).

A mockup view of Oazisgrad as viewed as a flourishing city. The Teleglob Towers can be seen in the background.

The Dobrowolski International Airport (DBW) is a proposed airport for the city. The airport would be located near the location of the first research station in the region, and named after Professor Dobrowolski. The airport may become the proposed hub for the national carrier of the Federated States (particularly in the eastern hemisphere).

The city will have a metro/subway system of underground trains. The Oazisgrad Metro will connect all the districts of the city. The city could be considered a port city, but the waters of the ocean are frozen ice all year round, because of the Skeleton ice shelf. Icebreakers would not be strong enough for the ice shelf, so it has been proposed that Oazisgrad would become the Hovercraft (ACV) capital of the world, with an infrastructure based on the invention as a way to travel around the city.

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe is a proposed Red-light district of Oazisgrad.

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