Operation Blazing Glory

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Operation: Blazing Glory
Part of Second War on Gorthalism

A photograph of the operation in action
Date28 January 2023 - 28 January 2023
Discord (Gorthian Discord server)
Result Cristorian victory

Socialist Republic of Cristoria

Supported By

Federation of Gorthia

Supported By

  • Gorthian Commonwealth
Commanders and leaders

President Christopher P.

Kaiser CCE I

Supreme Leader Tipton

Caiden P.
Dylan Jwanczuk
Units involved
Cristorian Army (digital calvary)


Total: 0


Total: 0
The name of the operation was done by CCE I.

Operation: Blazing Glory was a cyber-military operation, carried out by the Congress of Cristoria in January of 2023.


During the early afternoon hours of 28 January 2023, taking place in the First Continental Congress meeting, the Congress of Cristoria suggested that President covers the hostility towards the Socialist Republic of Cristoria.

During the conversation, at approximately two-thirty PM in EST, the Congress of Cristoria came upon the decision of creating a Discord bot that is capable of, hypothetically, nuking the communication hub of Gorthia.[1]

Therefore, the President began planning the time and the tactic of the operation and spent over four hours creating a bot, capable of doing the desired actions of Congress. The codename of this bot would be ROCN-28, standing for "Republic of Cristoria Nuke 28", with 28 representing the date of it's founding, 28 January 2023.

Testing of the nuclear bot

At approximately seven forty-five PM, the nuclear-capable bot began it's first few tests, on an empty server that is used for the testing of bots.

With very pleasing and successful results at the judging of the Congress of Cristoria, the bot was officially deemed usable and was declared as an active weapon to the digital Cristorian arsenal.

A photograph of the testing trials of ROCN-28.

The Operation

At the time eight o' seven PM, the President of the Republic of Orlek, Caiden, arrived in Congress. He was deemed a crucial part in the operation, as he gave the bot administrative roles in order for it work.

Soon after this, Tipton of Hoku also recieved administrative roles within the Gorthian Discord server, but these would be later revoked.

At approximately eight fifty-five PM, after the President of Cristoria was away from his microphone and his devices, the leader of Hoku, Supreme Leader Tipton, attempted to nuke the server himself, utilizing the bot. However, the Gorthians were quick to view the audit log and Tipton was caught in the act.

With disappointing results, CCE of Holstonia and nobilty of the Cristorian Congress, again, suggested that the nuclear-capable bot was to be re-invited to give the operation one last try, only this time, with President Christopher of Cristoria acting as a spectator.

As the bot was added back, Caiden of Orlek was caught and being called out as a traitor, meanwhile, he was able to give the nuclear-capable bot administrative roles. He managed to activate the command to nuke the server in time and the operation was deemed successful and a Cristorian victory.

A photograph of the devastation of the Gorthian Discord server, left by ROCN-28.


A lot of Gorthian nobility acted immediately, those being from the Kingdom of Kalerania, Republic of Spar, Dylan Jwanczuk, and plenty more.[2][3]

The nuke caused an uprising within servers related to Gorthia or Cristoria[b], making the situation more populated.

Throughout 28 January 2023 and 29 January 2023, Gorthian Nations responded with TikTok videos, showing anger towards the Republic of Cristoria.


  1. Following the declaration of war upon the Gorthian Federation by the Republic of Cristoria, the Syndicate Nations of Prosperity soon followed, as the organization is owned by and has close ties with the Republic of Cristoria.
  2. Some of these servers included the Micronational Community Server, headed by Hoku, the Cristorian server, and plenty more.