Order of Goree

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Order of Goree
Order of Goree worn.jpeg
Charles I of Raphania wearing the sash of Goree
Awarded by Royal Consort of Raphania
TypeNoble order of merit
Established3 June 2022
Awarded for"Strength and dedication to the defense of Raphania by a member of the aristocracy"
Grand MasterPrincess Sarahann
First induction27 June 2022
Total inductees1
Next (lower)Order of the Pebble

The Order of Goree is a Raphanian order of merit awarded to those members of the nobility and/or military who have worked and served in the defense of Raphania against threat and subversion.


Membership is open to members of the Raphanian aristocracy and military who possess a Raphanian citizenship.

Grand Master

The role of Grand Master for the Order of the Pebble is held by the consort of the monarch of Raphania. Currently this spot belongs to Princess Sarahann of Goree.

Name Nation Date of Receiving Status
Princess Sarahann of Goree  Raphania 3 June 2022 Founded order

Royal Member

Name Nation Date of Receiving Status
Charles I  Raphania 27 June 2022 First inductee