Order of Honor

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Order of Honor
Arms of the Order of Honor
Awarded by the Monarch of Florenia
TypeOrder of Chivalry
EligibilityAt the Monarch's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
SovereignEran of Florenia
GradesKnight/Dame Companion (KH/DH)
First induction5 September 2013
Last induction5 September 2013
Total inductees11
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Florenian National Order

The Most Noble Order of Honor is the most prestigious order of chivalry in the Kingdom of Florenia. Founded on 2 September 2013 by an Act of Parliament, the order was created to mirror the prestige of the British Order of the Garter. The order has only one grade, Knight Companion if male, and Dame Commander if female. All male recipients are permitted to use the prefix Sir, and the post-nominals KH, and female recipients the prefix Dame and post-nominals DH. The order has a maximum quota of 21 total members, and most members tend to be members of the Royal Family or upper nobility. The knighthood can only be awarded by the Monarch.

Knights and Dames of the order are permitted to display the order's ribbon on their coats of arms, showing their status as a Knight or Dame Companion. Florenian political convention dictates that the Prime Minister usually provide the Monarch with a list of recommendations for new investitures into the order.

Knights/Dames Companion

All of the current Knights and Dames Companion were appointed by the Monarch upon recommendation by the Prime Minister in the afternoon of 5 September 2013, in honor of Constitution Day.

Former Knights/Dames Companion

  • The Duke of Southbury KH (2013-2017, deceased)
  • The Earl Fialko KH (2013-2018, deceased)