Order of Royal Friendship

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Order of Royal Friendship
Order Przyjaźni Królewskiej
Order of Royal Friendship Insignia (proposal)
Proposal of the Cross of Royal Order of Royal Friendship
Awarded by the

King of Krzakacja
TypeChivalric order
Established28 November 2021
EligibilityNobility and foreign state leaders.
Awarded forexceptional services to the State and the people
Last Grand MasterŁukasz I
First induction28 November 2021
Last induction20 Febunary 2022
Total inductees6
Next (higher)Order of King Łukasz I
Next (lower)None

Ribbon of the Order of Royal Friendship

Order of Royal Friendship (Polish: Order Przyjaźni Królewskiej) was the third highest chivalric order and decoration of Krzakacja which was established on 28 November 2021 by the royal decree of 27 November. King dissolved the order on 1 January 2023.

The order never had official insignia. Grand Master of the Order was King Łukasz I


Grand Master

Foreign recipients