Order of Saint George and Saint Mary

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The Most Holy and Sovereign
Order of Saint George and Saint Mary
Badge of the Order Saint George and Saint Mary
Awarded by the

Monarch of Norton
TypeChivalric order
Established30 May 2022
EligibilityAt His Majesty's pleasure
StatusCurrently constituted
  • Royal Knight/Lady Companion
  • Knight/Lady Companion
  • Stranger Knight/Lady Companion
Post-nominalsKGM (for Knights)
LGM (for Ladies)
First induction30 May 2022
Last induction30 May 2022
Total inductees1
Next (higher)Royal Nortonian Chain
Next (lower)Royal Order of the Aurea Apis

Ribbon bar of the Order of Saint George and Saint Mary

The Most Holy and Sovereign Order of Saint George and Saint Mary is the highest and most senior order of chivalry of the Kingdom of Norton, founded by King Alexander in 2022. Outranked in precedence only by the Royal Nortonian Chain, the Order of Saint George and Saint Mary is dedicated to the image and depictions of Saint George, and the Virgin Mary, Norton and the Royal Family's patron saints respectfully.

Being the highest national order, it is restricted to senior Nortonian royal family members and citizens, alongside foreign royals, officials, statesmen and woman. The order can not be conferred upon more than five individuals per year and can only be conferred on special days of national importance, or at the sovereign's private discretion.


Originally, the order was reserved only for senior Nortonian Government officials, such as the President and Prime Minister. However, through constitutional amendment, President Burfield re-structured the order allowing for Nortonian and Foreign statesmen and women to be inducted as members.

Composition, grades, and insignia


On 19 October 2021, the existing membership criteria was amended through a constitutional amendment under which, the order became conferrable on national states people and foreign officials with a membership limit of 14 recipients at a time.

The President of Norton shall serve as the Supreme Prelate of the order, while there shall be no more than 4 Prelates (who shall serve as unofficial deputies). No more than five inductions per year can be made into the order.


The following is the membership criteria:

  • Supreme Prelate (restricted only to the President of Norton)
  • Prelate (conferred only upon 4 fellow heads of state)

All members use the post-nominals OGE.


Collar of the Order Riband Badge/Star


Ribbon of the Order

Officers of the order

Name Designation Since
Alexander I, King of the Nortonians Sovereign 30 May 2022


Coloured rows indicate sovereigns, stranger knights and ladies and former knights and ladies.

Image Name Life Date of
Banner Notes
S1 File:Alexander I (Birthday Portrait).jpg Alexander, King of the Nortonians born 2005 30 May 2022
Sovereign of the order upon establishing it. Also founder and sovereign of the Royal Nortonian Chain.
1 Dhrubajyoti Roy, Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra born 2002 18 September 2022
First Stranger Knight.
2 Matthew Tonna, 1st Duke of Mauberg-Courrac born 2005 18 September 2022
3 Thomas Jacobs, 1st Duke of Sarum born 2008 18 September 2022
4 The Earl of Roesstal born 2007 1 January 2023
First additional member of the Royal Family to be inducted.
5 William I of Gradonia born 2002 1 January 2023




Coats of arms of Knights and Ladies of the Order of the Two Saints
Royal Knights and Ladies
Stranger Knights and Ladies