Order of Salanda

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Order of Salanda
מסדר סלנדה
Awarded by the

King of Salanda
TypeChivalric order
Established8 May 2022
Awarded forextraordinary services and dedication to Salanda
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderReuben I
SovereignReuben I
First induction8 May 2022
Total inductees9
Next (higher)None (highest)
Next (lower)Order of Salandarian Recognition

Ribbon bar of the Order of Salanda

The Order of Salanda (Hebrew: מסדר סלנדה) is the highest chivalric and state order of the Kingdom of Salanda which takes place precedence above the Order of Salandarian Recognition which is the second highest order of the nation. Constituted on 8 May 2022, it is awarded to people who are considered to be a major pillar in the kingdom and have rendered their highest services for the progress and development of the nation. It is the most rarely conferred order in the nation.


The Order of Salanda was constituted by King Reuben I of Salanda on 8 May 2022 as the highest order of the nation to be conferred in recognition of highest services to the people and the kingdom.

Grades and insignia

The Order of Salanda is conferred in a single grade. All recipients bear the post-nominals of OS and are declared as National Heroes of Salanda.

The ribbon bar of the order consists of three vertical bars of equal width of orange and white colours resembling the colours of the national flag. The ribbon is designed by Dhrubajyoti Roy, Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra.


Recipient Role Date Notes
Salanda Reuben I King of Salanda 8 May 2022 Founder Sovereign.
Salanda T.P Leader of Tuse Province 3 June 2022
Salanda Solomon K Former Prime Minister of Salanda 3 June 2022
Salanda Samuel B. Prime Minister of Salanda 3 June 2022
Salanda Yaakov S. Speaker of the Parliament of Salanda 3 June 2022
Salanda Y.A Member of the Salandarian Parliament 3 June 2022
Salanda M.O Member of the Salandarian Parliament 3 June 2022
Salanda M.G Salandarian Citizen 10 July 2022
Vishwamitra Dhrubajyoti Roy Rashtradhyaksh of Vishwamitra 3 June 2022 For helping the nation grow and develop.