Order of Saturn

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Order of Saturn
Breast Star of Knights/Dames Grand Cross of the Order of Saturn
Awarded by the monarch of the Archduchy of Mimas
TypeChivalric order
Established20 June 2015
Awarded forPersonal service to the sovereign and the nation
StatusCurrently constituted
FounderChristoph II
SovereignChristoph II
Grand MasterCountess of Duhn
ChancellorSir Brian Helwater
  • Knight/Dame Grand Cross (GCOS)
  • Knight/Dame Commander (KCOS/DCOS)
  • Commander (COS)
  • Member (MOS)
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Order of Saint Walpurgis and the Second Monarchy

Ribbon of a member of the order

The Order of Saturn is a Mimasian order of knighthood established in 2015 by Archduke Christoph II. It recognises distinguished personal service to the monarch and to the nation. The present monarch, Archduke Christoph II is the sovereign of the order.

Admission remains at the discretion of the monarch. The honoured individuals may use the styles of the order and the post-nominal letters. The Order of Saturn takes precedence amongst other honours in the Archduchy of Mimas.

Officers and grades

The reigning monarch is at the apex of the Order of Saturn as its Sovereign, followed by the Grand Master. Below the Grand Master are two officers: the Chancellor and the Registrar. The styles of knighthood are not used by members of the royal family or peers of the uppermost ranks in Mimasian society, except for when a person's name is written in it's fullest form and would present all titles, styles and honours.

Grades of the Order of Saturn
Grade Knight/Dame Grand Cross Knight/Dame Commander Commander Member
Prefix Sir/Dame Sir/Dame
Post-nominal letters GCOS KCOS/DCOS COS MOS
Insignia Orderofsaturngrandcross.png Knightdame KCOS.png COS CommanderOrderSaturn.png MOS MemberOrderSaturn.png
Ribbon Order of Saturn (Grand Cross) - Ribbon.svg Ribbon bar of the Order of Saturn (Knight or Dame Commander).svg Ribbon bar of the Order of Saturn (Commander).svg Ribbon bar of the Order of Saturn (Member).svg

List of officers

The current officers of the Order of Saturn are:

Notable recipients

List of members

List of current members of the Order
# Name Year of appointment Present age Post-nominals Rank Nation
1. Christoph II, Archduke of Mimas Sovereign of since 2015 29 GCOS Knight Grand Cross  Mimas
2. Elin Frejj, 1st Countess of Duhn 1 May 2015 29 GCOS Dame Grand Cross  Mimas
3. Oscar I, Emperor-King of Karnia-Ruthenia 7 May 2015 31 GCOS Knight Grand Cross  Karnia-Ruthenia
4. Lia Lovisa Rudh, 1st Marchioness of Frerona 20 June 2015 29 DCOS Dame Commander  Mimas
5. Princess Mathilde, Duchess of Floraison 24 July 2015 27 GCOS Dame Grand Cross  Mimas
6. Clément Ier Prince of Surland 2 August 2015 GCOS Knight Grand Cross  Surland
7. Prince Beau Freï Jean-Seraphine Baltazar von Fräähsen 2 August 2015 46 GCOS Knight Grand Cross  Lorenzburg
8. Victor Lárbro, 1st Duke of Nido d'Angelo 30 December 2015 30 COS Commander  Mimas
9. Nathaniel Edvard William, Prince of NorAuthwik 30 December 2017 GCOS Knight Grand Cross Flag NorAuthwik.png NorAuthwik
10. Katherine Elizabeth Marie, Princess of NorAuthwik 30 December 2017 GCOS Dame Grand Cross Flag NorAuthwik.png NorAuthwik
11. Brian Helwater 20 June 2018 40 KCOS Knight Commander  Mimas
12. Dhrubajyoti Roy of Vishwamitra 12 September 2020 21 GCOS Knight Grand Cross  Vishwamitra
13. Arthur II of Ebenthal 14 October 2020 25 GCOS Knight Grand Cross  Ebenthal
14. Timur Maratov, Baron of Equester 30 October 2020 MOS Member  Mimas
15. Abrams I of Ikonia 1 January 2021 16 GCOS Knight Grand Cross  Ikonia
16. Juliana VIII of Queensland 3 January 2021 15 GCOS Dame Grand Cross  Queensland
17. Albert V of Queensland 3 January 2021 19 COS Commander  Queensland
18. Albert John 3 January 2021 20 MOS Member  Queensland
19. Tanishkaa Patranabish of Vishwamitra 3 January 2021 19 DCOS Dame Commander  Vishwamitra
20. George, 1st Duke of Nikodemia 4 January 2021 18 MOS Member  Ikonia
21. Frederick Yoon 20 January 2021 19 GCOS Knight Grand Cross  Florensia
22. John, Grand Duke of Pikeland 18 April 2021 GCOS Knight Grand Cross  Pikeland
23. Christina I, Summi Imperatoria of Cycoldia 16 July 2021 18 GCOS Dame Grand Cross  Grand Republic of Cycoldia
24. Benedikte X of Queensland 23 February 2022 19 GCOS Dame Grand Cross  Queensland

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