Order of Varconia

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Order of Varconia
Varconia Reillustrated.svg
Flag of Varconia
Awarded by the
Coat of arms of Naveria (2021).svg
Monarch of Naveria
Established14 Aquarius 12021
CountryCommonwealth of Naveria
Awarded forContributions to the independence and sovereignty of Varconia, Navārdia or Naveria
StatusStill awarded
Grand Croix (Sovereign)Casper
  • OV Ribbon 2.svg Grand Croix
    • Order of Varconia (Knight-Dame).svg Knight, Dame
  • GCV
    • KV, DV
First induction14 Aquarius 12021
Last induction23 Aquarius 12021
Total inductees22

The Order of Varconia is a Naverian order given for contributions to the independence and sovereignty of Naveria and its predecessor states. The order is divided into two grades, the higher being Grand Croix and the lower being Knight or Dame. Recipients of the grade of Grand Croix contributed to the Imperial Republic of Varconia, the Grand Duchy of Navārdia or Phoklandian Navārdia. Recipients of the grade of Knight or Dame contributed towards the Grand Navārdian Commonwealth or the Commonwealth of Naveria. It was founded in early 12021 in order to recognize the contributions of the founders of Naveria and those who continued the legacy of both the state and the founders, and has been sparsely awarded in the time since.


Insignia of the Order of Varconia
OV Ribbon 2.svg
Grand Croix
Order of Varconia (Knight-Dame).svg


Grand Croix

  • Kevin Baugh, for inspiring the foundation of Naveria.
  • Grand Duke Casper, for founding and ruling over Naveria and her precursors. Present sovereign of the Order.
  • Maxwell Ferraro, for being the first person to gain Naverian citizenship and establishing the Autonomous Region of Kusini.
  • Zar Antonov, for his influence on Varconian diplomacy and heraldry.
  • Kyra Benedict, for being the second person to gain Naverian citizenship, contributing to the establishment of multiple Territories and serving as the first Acting First Minister.
  • April Sinclair, for founding the State of Unicornia, and later merging it into Naveria as New Santiago.
  • Tyler Mullins, for co-founding the Atlanta Regional Union alongside Naveria.
  • The siblings of the Monarch, for expressing early support for the nation and serving as the first Heirs to the Throne.
  • General Steelbottom, for serving as the first Defense Minister of the Phoklandian Free State.
  • Charles Ross, for creating the Phoklandian Free

Knight or Dame

  • Aidan McGrath, for inspiring Naverian independence from Phokland.
  • Richard Seeger, for continued service within Naveria since it gained independence from Phokland.
  • Jonathan Austen, for his influence on the Naverian Constitution.
  • Grand Duke Grandmother Vanessa, for helping to expand the Citizenry and establishing Sabiland.
  • Prince Frederick, for running in the first Naverian election.
  • Zed, for for becoming the first New Cumberlandic Subject, excluding Phoklandian immigrations.
  • Matthew Xia, for establishing the Parish of Nuevo Diego.
  • Daniel Hamilton, for establishing the Constantia Pact.
  • Jack F., for establishing the Parish of Bosveld and influencing the constructed languages of Naveria.
  • Seigneur Carl I, for creating the first Naverian protectorate.
  • Dhrubajyoti Roy, for creating the coronets used by the Peerage.