Order of the Black Griffin

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Order of the Black Griffin

Official Order's badge

Official ribbon
Awarded by the Prince of Lomellina
Duke of Libertia (currently)
Country Principality of Lomellina
 Kingdom of Ruthenia (currently)
TypeChivalric order
Awarded forCivil, military or foreign relation merit
StatusCurrently awarded
MottoCivitas gladiis clypeo protectus
"United by the sword, protected by the shield" (English)
EstablishedAugust 19, 2014
First awardedAugust 19, 2014
Total awarded13

The Order of the Black Griffin, most times called Black Griffin's Order and Black Griffin's Committee or officialy The Honorous Order of the Black Griffin (Latin: Ordo Gryphis Nigri) is a Lomellinian Chivalric order. It was founded in 19 August 2014 by the Prince of Lomellina, Duke of Scandia Colles and Count of Ross, D. Guilherme da Lomellina e Berenguer, followed by his nomination as Grand-master of the order.

First inspired by the Knights of the Round Table, the order only has 13 vacant places in wich the grand-master can nominate and withdraw members. Only those who gain civil, military or foreign relation merit can join the order, currently there's 9 members. The order works as a "global alliance" between the members and their respective nations and those who join, gain the other nation's friendship.


Castello di Valle Treaty

The Castello di Valle Treaty also commonly abbrieviated as CVT was a diplomatic alliance signed by a group of 8 micronations on 1 September 2014 (de jure) or 2 September 2014 (de facto) in the capital city of Lomellina, Castello di Valle. The treaty was a post-result of the dissolved Intercontinental Micronational Alliance, a mistaken organization created with the same objective of a diplomatic treaty. The treaty was signed with the aim of helping diplomatic relations between the micronations, with a general focus on its own member states, being cultural, security, scientific or foreign improvement.


There's only 3 grades in which the member is capable of evolving through the 2 first levels, these are:

  • Grand-Master of the Black Griffin's Order - The one who commands the order.
  • Great Knight/Dame of the Black Griffin's Order - With only 3 vacant seats, this grade is reserved for the most renowned names of the order.
  • Knight/Dame of the Black Griffin's Order - This grade is for the "normal" members.


Grand-Master (GM-BGO)

Great Knights/Dames (GK-BGO/GD-BGO)

Knights/Dames (K-BGO/D-BGO)


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