Order of the Lamb

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Order of the Lamb
Clockwise from top left: Insignia of the Commander class, Insignia of the Grand Commander class, Insignia of the Grand Collar class
Awarded by the
Coat of arms of Novus Hierosolymis.svg
Sovereign of Novus Hierosolymis
TypeChivalric order
Established18 May 2021[1]
CountryNovus Hierosolymis
RibbonRibbonBar-Commander-OrderOfTheLamb.svg RibbonBar-GrandCommander-OrderOfTheLamb.svg RibbonBar-GrandCollar-OrderOfTheLamb.svg
EligibilityFor unfailing loyalty and service to the Sovereign, or as a personal gift from the aforementioned Sovereign.
StatusCurrently awarded
SovereignJayden I
GradesGrand Collar
Grand Commander
Total inductees6 (including the Sovereign)
Next (higher)Order of the Belt of Truth
(for Grand Collar)
Order of the Sampaguita
(for other grades)
Next (lower)Order for Loyalty and Service

The Most Exalted Order of the Lamb (Latin: Maxime Exaltavit Ordo Agni), more commonly known as just the Order of the Lamb is an order of chivalry in Novus Hierosolymis. Jayden I is sovereign of the order.


Nation Pre-nominals Name Invested Grade References
 Novus Hierosolymis His Majesty Jayden I 18 May 2021 Sovereign [1]
 Aenopia His Royal Highness Simon Reeve 18 May 2021 Grand Collar [1]
 Novus Hierosolymis His Excellency The Most Honorable The Marquess of Ridgeland 18 May 2021 Grand Collar [1]
 Novus Hierosolymis His Excellency Sander Koff, Ambassador to Estonia 18 May 2021 Commander [1]
 Novus Hierosolymis The Right Honorable The Earl of Ziziphus 18 May 2021 Commander [1]
 Novus Hierosolymis His Excellency The Right Honorable The Viscount Lincasher 18 May 2021 Commander [1]