Order of the Quail

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Order of the Quail
Awarded by the Cinnamon Creek Flag.png Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek
Type Foriegn/Domestic Order
Awarded for "To honorable micronationalists"
Status Awarded at the Premier's discreet pleasure
Established 12 May 2015
Total awarded Recipients: 12
Next (higher) Order of the November Star
Next (lower) Order of the Pacific

The Order of the Quail is the the fourth highest order in DRCC bestowed by the Democratic Republic of Cinnamon Creek.


Each Order Member of the Order of the Quail is given a feather of Quail from the Californian Quail with a red ribbon tied around it, which is pinned on their robes at investiture. Members may wear a red/gold mix of sash on their right side.


1st Class- This is the highest level in the order. It is usually given out for people who have inspired or worked with DRCC and to citizens for important recognition.

2nd Class- This is the second highest of the order and is usually given out as an honorary gift to a foreign dignitary, or for personally helping the country. If someone is awarded this, it can be changed to a 1st Class or 3rd Class at notice.

3rd Class- This is the lowest class in the order, it is awarded to individuals for unspecified reasons.