Order of the Shadows

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Order of the Shadow
(Latin) De Ordine Et in umbra

Design of the award

Awarded by the Cordoba Empire
Type Empire order
Awarded for Good influence in Cordoba Empire history
Status Currently awarded
Established 12 February 2020
First awarded 12 April 2020
Next (higher) The Order OF the Shadow Wolves
Next (lower) None

The Order of the Shadow or De Ordine Et in umbra is the Lower ranking honour of the Cordoba Empire. It was designed by HIM Arturo I and established in Cordoba Empire on 12 February 2020.

It is awarded for "Good Influence in Empire's History", mostly in the fields of Values, the arts, History, public service, and social Resolutions. It has two classes, The first one for influence, and the second one for incredible help.


HIM Arturo I wanted some way to show some way of gratitude for people with influence in the Empire, So, on 12 February 2020 he created The OS. The OS is awarded for Civil excellency in any field of knowledge or development, Military personnel can sometimes receive it, but only in rare circumstances.


Legion of Merit, Legionnaire order.


First Class