Orders, decorations, and medals of Abelden

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The Abeldane honours system compromises of the various titles, awards, and decorations which can be bestowed by the Abeldane Empire. The title and honours system was established by a direct Act of the Parliament under the Abeldane Constitution. The bestowing of the honours and titles are strictly done only by the Monarch.

Citizens can be awarded by any of the chivalry orders and any of the military and battle honours as long as they are eligible.

Orders of chivalry

Currently, there are five types of chivalry orders in Abelden.

The first, the Order of the Imperium Abludum, was established on 6 June 2014, after the founding of the empire. The Order of the Rampant lion was established on the 18 August 2014. Another order, the Order of St. Bartholomew, a senior order, was established on the 27 December 2014, followed by an another order, the Order of the Emperor Penguin on the 31 December 2014, on a new act by the Parliament (Act 1 (Chivalry orders)). The Order of the Empress and Queen was established on the 30 December 2015, becoming the third senior order of chivalry of Abelden. The Order of St. Philip the Apostle was established on the 15 April 2016, thereby making it the highest order of chivalry in Abelden.

All the orders are to be bestowed only by the Monarch except for the Order of the Empress and Queen, which is awarded by HI&RM the Former Empress and Queen, Rachel I.

Order of St. Philip the Apostle

The Order of St. Philip the Apostle is an order of chivalry bestowed by the Monarch of the Abeldane Empire. Founded on the 15 April, it is the highest and most recently established Abeldane chivalry order. It is divided into two grades: Knight/Dame and Commander.

The order is currently divided into two grades, excluding the sovereign:

  • Sovereign
  • Knight/Dame (Maximum quota of only 2 persons; 2 are reserved and awarded only to the heads of the Imperial Houses and 1 reserved to Llewelyn Lawton, Duke of Creton)
  • Commander (Maximum of only 4 persons)

Order of St. Bartholomew

The Order of St. Bartholomew has three grades and are referred to as differently. Established on the 27 December 2014, a total of 3 people have been made members since the founding of the order. The list below listed are the grades followed (excluding the Sovereign):

  • Knight Grand Commander/Dame Grand Commander (KGCB/DGCB)
  • Commander (CSB)
  • Knights/Dames (KSB/DSB)

Order of the Emperor Penguin

The Order of the Emperor Penguin has currently three grades and each has a maximum quota. Established on the 31 December 2014, 2 subjects/foreign citizens has ever been awarded since it's founding. The order is only given to those who have contributed their life in micronationalism for more than 5 years.

  • Emperor Penguin Commander (Sovereign of Abelden)
  • Knight Penguin Commander/Dame Penguin Commander (KPCE/DPCE) (Maximum quota of 3 persons)
  • Knight Penguin/Dame Penguin (KPE/DPE) (Maximum quota of 5 person)
  • Officer (OEP) (Maximum quota of 10 persons)

Order of Memery

The Order of Memery was established on the 20 January 2017 for meritous achievements to the Empire through 'mememing'. The order replaced the Order of the Empress and Queen at federal level and the Order of the Former Empress and Queen was devolved to a state order instead. It currently has 3 ranksL

  • Knight/Dame (KM/DM)
  • Commander *CM)
  • Officer (OM)

Order of the Rampant Lion

The Order of the Rampant Lion is the third highest order of chivalry since the 17 August 2015 and a total of 2 has been awarded since establishment. It has five grades currently:

  • High Grand Master
  • Grand Commander (GCRL)
  • Commander (CRL)
  • Knight/Dame (KRL/DRL)
  • Officer (OARL)

Order of the Imperium Abludum

The Order of the Imperium Abludum is the oldest order in establishment since the order was established after the empire was found. The order has currently 4 members and the order is dormant since September 2014.

  • Grand Master (Sovereign of Abelden)
  • Grand Knight/Dame Cross (GKIM/GDCM)
  • Knight Commander/Dame Commander (KCIM/DCIM)
  • Commanders (CAEM)
  • Officers (OAEM)
  • Knights/Dames (KIM/DAM)