Orders, decorations, and medals of Sildavia and Borduria

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The Orders, decorations, and medals of Sildavia and Borduria covers those decorations awarded by the Queen in name of the state. The Hergerian honors system goes back to 2020 with the establishment of the Order of the Rose by the Queen Maria I.

The Hergerian honours system is a means of rewarding individuals' personal bravery, achievement or service to the Kingdom and consists of three types of award: honours and decorations, such as titles and order, in recgonition to merit in terms of deeds, achievements and services to the country; and medals, to recognise bravery, long and/or valuable service and/or good conduct.

Current orders

Name Ranks Ribbon Established Motto Description
Order of the Black Pelican
Ordem do Pelicano Negro
Royal Knights (CROPN) and Ladies Companion (DROPN), Knights (COPN) and Ladies Companion (DOPN), and Stranger Knights (CEOPN) and Ladies Companion (DEOPN)
22 April 2020
Patria tuenda mea est officium
Defending the homeland is my duty
Dynastic order
Order of Alexandra Feodorovna
Ordem de Alexandra Feodorovna
Dames (OAFM)
20 October 2021
In Honorem Martyris
In honour of the Martyr
Dynastic order
Order of Ottokar
Ordem de Ottokar
Grand Cross (GCO)
Commander (CCO)
Official (MO)
Knight (KO)
10 July 2016
Qui Ludere Cum Spinis Scabere
Who stirs with thorns, is scratched
Dynastic order
Order of the Royal House of Sildavia
Ordem da Casa Real Sildava
Grand Cross (GCOCRS)
Knight (COCRS) Dame (DOCRS)
17 February 2021
House Order
Order of Sildavian Merit
Ordem do Mérito da Sildávia
Grand Cross (GCOMS), Official (OOMS), Knight (COMS) and Dame (DOMS)

27 February 2020
Per Merito Patriae
By merit of the Fatherland
Order of Merit
Order of Klöw
Ordem de Klöw
Grand Cross (GCOK), Knight (COK) and Dame (DOK)

1 July 2021
Em honra pela pátria e por Klöw
In honor of the Fatherland and Klöw
Dynastic order

Imperial Dominion Honours

Name Ranks Ribbon Established Motto Description
Imperial Order of the Bordurian Eagle
Ordem Imperial da Águia Borduriana
Knights (COIAB) and Ladies (DOIAB) Companion , and Stranger Knights (CEOIAB) and Ladies Companion (CEOIAB) (For foreigners and heads of state)
9 March 2021
Empire et Mon Droit
Dynastic Order

Royal Family Orders

Name Ribbon Established Description
Royal Family Order of the Queen Maria
Ordem da Família Real da Rainha Maria
17 February 2021
Royal Family Order

Former orders

Special Commemorative Medals

Other honours and appointments

As the 'fountain of honour' in Sildavia and Borduria, the Queen has the sole right of conferring all titles of honour, including titles of nobility, knighthoods and gallantry awards. There are six common ranks of hereditary nobility in Sildavia and Borduria, and they are Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, Baron and Baronet. Most of these titles are normally given only to nationals, but it can be was given to foreigners.

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