Orlian College of Cardinals

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The Orlian College of Cardinals was was created in 2011 by order of Declan I, who had taken control of Orly, in theory as a body to advise him on matters relating to religion, spirituality and culture. Members of the College of Cardinals held the title Cardinal of Orly and the style of Eminence. Cardinals were appointed by Declan I to a life term unless they resigned or were removed from office by either the King or an unanimous vote from the other Cardinals.

The College of Cardinals was intended to have roughly the same role in Orly that the Papacy of the Proto-Cults did in the Kingdom of Wilcsland before Orly was entered into political union with Wilcsland in January 2012 as New Wessex. From then on, the two institutions became effectively bound together, with all Popes being appointed from the College of Cardinals.

The College never effectively fulfilled its function, only ever being used to grant titles to foreign national leaders. The College was effectively dissolved on 25 June 2013, a day after the Liberation of Orly from Wessaxon rule. The majority of Cardinals - including the Pope - rejected the control of Declan I in protest at an unwillingness to listen to suggestions or to compromise, setting up the Divine Church of the Parva-Religions as a successor institution. With ties to Orly itself cut, the Wessaxon institution collapsed. The Divine Church survived until January 2015, when it was abolished, with the Cardinals becoming the College of Pontiffs for the Pontifex Maximus.

List of Cardinals in the Orlian College

Name Portrait Entered office Left office Religious views
(while Cardinal)
HIM Emperor Jonathan I
(Pope Alexander II)
JonathanSep12.jpg 31 August 2011 25 June 2013 Orthodox Christian
Sôgmô Will Sörgel Secession 010.JPG 31 August 2011 25 June 2013 Pagan
Midget Fuhrer Thomas
(Pope Declan I)
31 August 2011 25 June 2013 Unknown
Sir Daniel Morris
(Pope Marcus II)
DanielCropped.jpg 25 September 2011 20 May 2012 Anglican
The Hon. Sir Sebastian Linden PhD, IKA, OBS et al
(Pope Djehuti I)
Selber2.png 25 September 2011 25 June 2013 Unitarian Universalist
Dr. Billy Neil
(Pope Declan II)
File:Billyneil.jpg 25 September 2011 25 June 2013 Atheist
Tarek Kârjasary 20 May 2012 6 July 2012 Pahunnia Atheist
Bradley, Duke of Dullahan
(Pope Alexander III)
BradleyPope.jpg 7 January 2013 25 June 2013 Atheist
Richard Cunningham
(Pope Declan III)
RCunningham.jpg 11 January 2013 25 June 2013 Pastafarianism