Orphanian Department of Research and Development

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What to know about the Department

The Orphanian Department of Research and Development is a government organization whose purpose is to develope and improve upon military and civilian technologies. The technologies here will mainly be for civilian use and for the benefits of micronations everywhere. The researchers here are some of the most intelligent and creative people in the Orphanian Republic.

Orphanian and Intermicronational R&D Cooperation

The Emperor would like nothing more than for other micronations to follow the Orphanian Republic in their quest for knowledge and for the improvements of modern technologies. He strongly wishes for other micronations to share their knowledge and developments with others, and for all micronations to work hand-in-hand to improve the technologies that micronations have now.

The League of Micronations for the Benefits of Technology

This is the organization that Emperor Robbins proposes. Its purpose is the sharing of knowledge and technologies that micronations have developed.

If your micronation is willing to become a part of this organization, please feel free to add your nation to the list of nations in this organization.

Members of the LMBT

  • The Orphanian Republic