Otancahui-Margarita Purchase

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Otancahui-Margarita Purchase is the purchase of the States of Otancahui and Margarita in the Republic of Cherniv the States were bought by a family that lives in the Mexican Republic, on 19 May 2018 the president will visit that states for the last time, also the ex-president Raul T. will visit

The Otancahui and Margarita States was announced to be selled one year and 6 months ago. 16 Mexicans and 4 Cubans visited Margarita and Otancahui States, but finally one family+ bought it on 3 May 2018 but the keys will be delivered to the family by the Miss President on 19 May 2018

Negative Effects

The Electoral Votes will be now from 45 to 38 ++

Venados F.C dissolved

+ We don´t know the name of the family yet.

++ Only 3 electoral votes will be losed. the other 4 EV will go to Zaratev