Our Hymn to Heaven

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Our Hymn to Heaven was the second national anthem of the Kingdom of Varina. Composed and written by David I of Varina, Our Hymn to Heaven is the first anthem to be fully produced by the mother government since the first rendition of Ultamiya, The Greatest Land on March 26, 2010. Officially enacted on June 25, 2013 at 7:35 AM, it replaced Varina, Our Mother Home.


Varina, O Varina,

Daughter of righteousness and of light

Higher we climb, t'ward Heavenly grace,

For God's peace and love are in our sight.

On Earth afield, our glory does rise,

In soul found where high clouded great sky lies,

Nowhere is evil, e'er to be seen,

For God holds our hand, our great spirit clean.

Stand and rejoice, for our freedom won

And ever be prosperous

'Cause in Christ our days are never done

And e'er we'll be victorious

Varina, O Varina,

Forever we'll be in happiness.

Cities of gold, with clouds at our feet,

Lo, thus our destiny shall be this.