Out Here All Alone

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"Out Here All Alone"
Song by Momentum
from the album Nietzsche’s Ballad and Response
LabelNew Rouen Records
Songwriter(s)Charles Madgett
Composer(s)Andrew Perdomo
A 39-second sample of an "Out Here All Alone" demo, featuring the verse beat composed by Andrew Perdomo.

"Out Here All Alone" is a song by musical duo Momentum. It will be released as both a single and as the first song of their first album Nietzsche's Ballad and Response. "Out Here All Alone" is a mid-tempo ballad which samples Gotye's "Out Here In The Cold," using piano melodies and synth waves.

"Out Here All Alone" was recorded in Andrew Perdomo's home studio and Charles Madgett's house. Lyrically, it is written from the perspective of a protagonist suffering through a depressive state and his feelings of loneliness.


Production began late on 19 November 2022 with Madgett reaching out to Perdomo asking if he wanted to make music with him to aid in a music essay project which would be due later that year. After talking shortly, they had then come up with the name Momentum and immediately got to work on the song.

Madgett asked Perdomo if he could sample Gotye's "Out Here In The Cold," where Perdomo would then create an incomplete version of the chorus chords and their progression. After some back and forth, Perdomo would then create the completed version of the verse's beat. On 20 November, the completed version of the chorus cords were completed. The same day, Madgett would use Audacity to mix the samples into the completed version of the song's instrumental.