Outer Southall

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Outer Southall is a region in the State of Southall in Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. Outer Southall is a land that is not filled by anything. it has a unnamed mountain there. On September 27, 2010, this land started to be filled by roads and tourism interest by State of Southall governor, Muhammad Hady Faiz. The masterplan of Outer southall is on his book, named Southall Tourism Book.



There is a few roads that connected to other places of southall, there is:

  • SR-1 (Faizingrad - Sofa tunnel/sofa recreation garden - Sotosop canyon - Technology plain - Unknown name city/Area 18)
  • FRT-1 (Frontyard - Southall desert - Sotosop canyon - Sotosop baths - KC-2, Kitchen route 2)
  • FRT-2, (Same as FRT-1 Route, but different roads to reduce traffic jam)
  • DSRT-1 (Southall desert - Frontyard)
  • Rocky hill, a hilly-twist road
  • A18, An Expressway that connect Faizingrad with Area 18

Notable places

There are several notable places in outer southall, there is:

  • Great Southall Plain, a place to test the top speed (inspired by Black Rock Desert)
  • Sotosop Canyon/Sotosop Mountain, a canyon that has several blind turns, name of this canyon was requested by president of Los Bay
    Petros, Adriansyah Yassin Sulaeman
  • Sotosop baths, a bath for public use
  • Sofa recreation garden,
  • Technology plain, a research center provided by southall technologies
  • Basin of southall, a basin that have a kind species of fish


East Outer Southall flood

In 9 October 2010, a spontaneous flood had come to the Sofa tunnel, the governor of southall, Muhammad Hady Faiz knows this flood after he seen the water spread up into the sofa tunnel. No casualties reported in this flood. Flood is caused by the basin of southall is fully filled and the filling process is still ongoing.

Territories that affected by the flood:

  • Sofa tunnel
  • Kitchen territory
  • Basin of southall