Communist State of Ovisstein

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The current flag of Ovisstein

Wellstadt, presently the Transitional Government of Wellstadt, formerly the Communist State of Ovisstein (CSO) and expected to soon become the Kingdom of Wellstadt is a micronation located in Australia.


Wellstadt was originally founded as the Communist State of Ovisstein on 9 December 2021. However, the name Ovisstein was not officially used until 19 January 2022. This was also the date that Ovisstein joined MicroWiki. On 20 January 2022, the Kingdom of Salanda invited Ovisstein to become a member of the Alliance of the Micronations. On 23 January 2022, Ovisstein officially established diplomatic relations with the Cybercratic Republic of Zhaka. The two nations also formed the Zhaka-Ovisstein Military Cooperation Pact.

The National Emblem of Ovisstein
Former flags of Ovisstein

Over its history, Ovisstein has undergone several flag changes.

From approximately March of 2022 to 8 August 2022, Ovisstein was defunct. It was not present in AOTM meetings and was not engaging in diplomatic relations.

On 8 August 2022, the communist government was dissolved and and was replaced by the Transitional Government of Wellstadt. Once the process of decommunization in the country has been completed, it is expected that it will be officially renamed as The Kingdom of Wellstadt. However, it is unclear at this stage whether the monarchy will be constitutional or absolute.

Flag of the Zhaka-Ovisstein Military Cooperation Pact