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Pa-Shi, (pronounced Pa-Shee) is a game founded in the Zonian Confederacy by Nicholas Woode-Smith. The game is quite simple and requires only a tin can and a group of players.

Rules and History

On the 19th of July 2010, some Zonian Citizens were at school and were trying to think of something to do for break. The one citizen started knocking an empty can around and soon enough the group had thought of the game that was later named Pa-Shi.

The game is played between atleast two people on a flat surface. Preferably a smooth circle table. A player will serve the can by patting, or sliding it in the direction of another player of their choice. The players will continue to catch and serve the can to eachother until it topples. The server of the toppling can will be kicked out of the game. If a person fails to catch a can and it falls off the table, that person is kicked out.