Pacemian legislative election, September 2020

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Pacemian legislative election, September 2020

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All 3 seats in the Senate
2 seats needed for a majority
Leader Liam Alexander Carl von Joseph Werzberg
Party Progressive Conservative Party Royalist Party
Leader since 10 June 2020 4 August 2020
Current seats 1 0

Leader Nicholas Kaos
Party We Are Anarchy!
Leader since 10 June 2020
Current seats 2

The September 2020 Pacemian legislative election, or the 4th Pacemian legislative election is scheduled to take place from September 26th to 28th. This election is the first since the passing of the 2020 Constitution of the State of Pacem, and is, therefore, the transition from state-based constituencies to one national constituency for the Senate. Three of the four parties of Pacem have declared candidates, with only the Super Shrek Party not declaring a candidate.


Progressive Conservatives




Candidate Party Votes % Result
Connor Stumperth   WAA 3 60.0 Elected
Liam Alexander   PCP 1 20.0 Elected
Chase Nanartowicz   WAA 1 20.0 Elected
Carl von Joseph Werzberg   RP 0 0.0 Not Elected

Opinion polls

Polling Firm Date Sample Size PCP RP SSP WAA Lead
Quo Times September 7–8 4 25.0 0.0 0.0 75.0 50.0