Pacific Territory

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Pacific Territory
State of Surdam
Flag of Pacific Territory
The Ocean State
FoundedAugust 10th, 2020
 • GovernorDan S.
 • MayorJake F.
 • Total7
Time zoneAleutian Standard Time

The Pacific Territory is a state under Surdam. It is home to the Surdamian Hotel and Surdam's only ocean access . The Pacific Territory is Surdam's most tourist heavy state, and turtles and coconuts can be found here. The capital of the Pacific Territory is Palms Beach.


The Pacific Territory was named after the Pacific Ocean, which is right by the Pacific Territory. The Pacific Territory still has "Territory" in it's name as a reminder of it's history even though is is a state and not a territory.


The area on which the Pacific Territory was founded used to have ancient native islanders come down to the water and fish, there are some ancient carvings on some rocks by the water.


The Pacific Territory is home to many fishing areas and ports, government officials often comes here to visit and to conduct work.


Pacific Territory’s culture is based off Hawaiian style and the aloha spirit.


The current Governor is Dan S. and the current mayor of Palms Beach is Jake F.


New Wyoming consists of:

Small Rock Island

Small Rock Island is a lava rock island very close to the shore of the United States, it is has the smallets body of water in all of Surdam on it called Crater Lake.

Ocean Side Airport

The Ocean Side Airport (OSA) is a small regional airport located in the Pacific Territory. It is the only airport in the Pacific Territory.

SSA Whale Observatory

SSA Whale Observatory is a space observatory located in the Pacific Territory.

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is a small strip of beach claimed by Surdam where many turtles rest.

Surdamian Hotel

The Surdmain Hotel is a small hotel that can be found in the Pacific Territory.

The Surdamian flag flying over Small Rock Island


All areas of the territory can be reached on foot in 5 minuets.