Palmyra Creek mayoral election, 2009

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The creek the city is named after.
Palmyra Creek Mayoral Elections, February 2009
Candidate George Freeman Adam Allam
Political Party Petorian Independence Party Petorian Libertarians
Running Mate N/A in mayoral elections N/A in mayoral elections
Projected Vote (%) 60% 40%
Popular Vote 2 3
Percentage 40% 60%

The 2009 Mayoral elections of Palmyra Creek, Keystone Territory, Petorio took place on Friday, February 20, 2009. There were 2 canidates. The absolute deadline to run or register to vote was January 20, 1 month before the actual election. On February 1 the candidates were narrowed down to George Freeman of Keystone Territory and Adam Allam of Charwood. It is thought of by many to be the first "serious election" in Petorio. The office of mayor of Palmyra Creek has since been abolished.


  • George Freeman - citizen of Keystone Territory. He is a member of the Petorian Independence Party whos political ideology is Paleoconservatism and Social Liberalism. Loser of the elction
  • Adam Allam - citizen of Charwood. He was a member of PIP until this election. Now he is a member of the Petorian Libertarians whos political ideology is Libertarianism. Winner of the election


Pre-election predictions

Candidate Predicted Vote (%) Political Party
George Freeman 60.00% Petorian Independent Party
Adam Allam 40.00% Petorian Libertarians

Election results

Candidate Vote (%) Political Party
George Freeman 40.00% Petorian Independent Party
Adam Allam 60.00% Petorian Libertarians


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