Paradiplomatic Affairs

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Paradiplomatic Affairs (PdA) is a paradiplomatic organisation, but also a Pythagorean or ectopolitan one, which was founded on 24.05.2013, and by merging three real and successful micronational professional organisations:

  • the Micronational Professional Registry (03.03.2006 – 23.05.2013)
  • the Fifth World Accreditation Agency (31.03.2006 – 23.05.2013)
  • the Fifth World Health Organisation (20.06.2007 – 23.05.2013)

The word 'paralegal' stands for a person who works beside, near, alongside a lawyer. The meaning of this word is founded in one of the meanings of the ancient Greek prefix para- (παρά). However, the para- prefix in English words can also have the alternate meaning of above or beyond something, such as when it is used in the word 'paranormal'. The word 'paradiplomatic', also means above or beyond diplomacy.



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