Parliament of Arkel

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Parliament of Arkel

Parlement van Arkel
1st Legislature
Coat of arms or logo
Political groups
DRP (4), NPF (3), FP (2), MPF (2)

The Parliament of Arkel is the unicameral national legislative of the Principality of Arkel . The Parliament is chosen annualy by the citizens of both Arkel and Flandrensis (the citizens of Arkel have one vote, the citizens of Flandrensis 0,5 vote). Currently the Parliament has the same members as the one in Flandrensis.

The Prince is the Speaker of the Parliament.

The Prince has made a digital model of the Parliament. The wall behind the Speaker is the flag of Arkel, made out of glass. The wall opposite that named wall is completely red and has the text of article 1.1 of the Constitution: Art. 1.1: The Principality of Arkel is a parliamentary monarchy, (Dutch: Art. 1.1: Het Prinsdom Arkel is een parlementaire monarchie).

The Prince made a model of the Parliament: