Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary

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Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary
Coat of arms
Motto: The Tolerance in society must guarantee every citizen the freedom to believe what he wants.
Anthem: Our Fatherland
Official languagesGerman, English, Esperanto
GovernmentParliamentary Monarchy
• Archduke
Arthur C. de Tourneau
• Interior Minister
Position currently vacant
• Prime Minister
Position currently vacant
Establishment24 August 2018
• Total
4.35 km2 (1.68 sq mi)
• 2023 census
HDI (2023)0.939
very high
Time zoneDST
Driving sideright side
Website: Offcial Website
Twitter: Official Twitter

Duckionary, officially known as the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary, is a dynamic micronation established on 24 August 2018 by its visionary founder Arthur de Tourneau. Home to about 25 citizens, Duckionary has a liberal constitution and a parliamentary form of government headed by a monarch. The charming capital city of Panagua is the heart of the nation, and German, English and Esperanto are the official languages spoken by the diverse population.

Duckionary, which celebrates its national holiday on 24 August, the day of its founding, has a rich culture inspired by a variety of influences including history, geography, religion and politics. Guided by core values such as freedom, equality, rule of law, tolerance, monarchy and solidarity, Duckionary possesses a unique identity and promotes a harmonious society.

Duckionary's distinctive character is embodied in its national emblems, which include a tri-color flag and a fascinating coat of arms with symbolic elements such as a cockatoo, kiwi, ginkgo leaf, crown, and scales of justice. The country also has its own currency, the Duckaten, which facilitates internal economic transactions.

To connect with potential citizens and foster partnerships, Duckionary uses its online presence through various platforms. It actively participates in the global micronational community, establishes diplomatic relations with like-minded nations, and is a respected member of international organizations such as the Union Against Micronational War and the Micronational Postal Association. Delegations from Duckionary have participated in the Micro Euro Summit 2022, in the Micro Euro Summit 2023 in the MicroCon EU 2023 as well as a variety of other pyhsic diplomatic meetings.

Duckionary's compelling journey as a micronation continues as it takes pride in its unique heritage and works toward a prosperous future fueled by shared ideals and collaborative efforts.

In 2023 (from 24-26 August), Duckionary will celebrate its fifth anniversary with a three-day celebration. On the first day there will be a soft opening at Duckionary, on the second day a conference and coronation of Arthur I at an Austrian castle and a dinner at a castle tavern on the Inn River. Finally, on the last day there will be a cultural trip to the Czech Republic.

Government and Politics

Duckionary, an emerging country with a unique political landscape, has become a fascinating political and governance case in recent years. With a clear vision of equality, monarchy as well as democracy, Duckionary has created a government based on the principle of collective decision-making.

The political landscape is characterized by a diversity of offices representing a wide range of ideologies. The first man in the state is the Archduke, and all decisions and laws must be approved by him. In peronal union, the Archduke is also Prime Minister, both positions are for life. To have also some democracy, there is the office of the Minister of Interior, democratically elected by the people. These three offices are supported by a variety of ministers, high councils, crown councils, secret councils and advisors. Through this system, the citizens of Duckionary have a strong voice in political decisions.

Duckionary's politics are also characterized by the active involvement of the people in politics through polls and referendums, as well as citizen question time.

The government meets physically several times a year in Austria or Germany for meetings where all important issues are dealt with.


Duckionary's constitution is the country's most important legal document and governs the basic structure of the state, its relations with other nations and constituent states, and the rights and duties of its citizens. It represents the supreme norm to which all state power is bound and which limits its actions. Constituent power emanates from the archduke and takes precedence over all other statutory provisions.

The actions of the state organs are bound by the provisions of the constitution and their observance is monitored by a special constitutional court. This can not only declare laws to be unconstitutional, but also, if necessary, declare constitutional amendments to be ineffective constitutional law. However, it is either not possible at all or only to a limited extent for review by these courts, since the constitution itself represents the measure for assessing the legality of state action. The constitution can only be changed under difficult conditions and therefore requires a separate constitutional legislature to change it.

Read the constitution here:

Geography / Territories

Duckionary consists of eight small areas in Europe, listed below.

Coat of Arms Picture Official Name Population Annexed Coordinates Email
Archduchy of Duckionary 4 24 August 2018 Latitude



Sultanate of Smolkanistan 3 25 August 2018 Latitude



County of Sandfield 0 21 December 2019 Latitude



Princely County of Biberland 0 10 April 2020 Latitude



Duchy of Panagua 0 14 July 2021 Latitude



Duchy of Arcanus 0 20 August 2021 Latitude



County of Kozel 0 04 October 2021 Latitude



County of Lipinsula 0 10 August 2022 Latitude





Panagua is an outlying territory, Duchy, and the capital of the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary. Originally arising from a territorial dispute between Croatia and Serbia, this independent territory remained unclaimed by any nation, entity, or private institution, making it a terra nullius (no man's land on an international level) since the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990s.

On 13 July 2021, Panagua was declared a territorial dependency by Duckionary and recognized as its rightful property under international law.


Panagua is being developed into a modern and sustainable city, with approximately 90% of the land area designated for construction, while the remaining 10% and some parts of the water area will serve as energy sources and recreational spaces for its citizens. The plan envisions accommodating up to 800 people in Panagua by 2035.

Situated along the Danube, Panagua is an ideal location for freight transportation, with plans for a terminal to facilitate such operations. An industrial railway is also scheduled to serve the area, enabling both goods and passenger traffic.

The central location of Panagua allows for convenient access to Osijek, the fourth-largest city in Croatia, which is only a 50-minute drive away (using hydrogen fuel). Additionally, the Serbian town of Sombor, with a population of 60,000, is merely a 30-minute journey.

Since December 2022, the Duckionary government has obtained official permission from Croatian authorities to access the territory of Panagua. This development paves the way for further exploration, development, and administration of the region by Duckionary.

In March 2023, the Archduke spoke with the minister of justice of Liberland about a possible cooperation.

Culture and Values

Citizens' Meeting (2022)

The Culture of Duckionary refers to the way the people of Duckionary live, their values, beliefs, traditions, customs, art, music, literature and language. It's what makes Duckionary's identity and uniqueness and sets it apart from other countries. Duckionary culture is influenced by many factors including history, geography, religion, politics, and relationships with other cultures. Culture has also changed over time, particularly through influences from other cultures and through changes in society and the economy. Duckionary culture is reflected in many different aspects of daily life, such as architecture, clothing, food, music and art. It also shapes certain behaviors and attitudes, such as respect for the elderly, the value of family, or the importance of hospitality. Overall, Duckionary culture is an important part of national identity and helps build a sense of togetherness and community among citizens.

The Values of Duckionary refer to the principles and beliefs shared by the citizens and government of Duckionary. These values change over time but are rooted in culture, history and traditions. Some examples of duckionary values are: Freedom: The freedom to make your own decisions, freely express opinions and engage in politics.

Equality: The equality of all citizens regardless of gender, race, religion or social background.

Democracy: The participation of citizens in political decisions, participation in referendums and the election of the Minister of the Interior

Rule of Law: Respecting and enforcing the law and ensuring the rights and freedoms of all citizens.

Tolerance: The acceptance of differences in opinions, culture, religion and lifestyle.

Monarchy: The preservation and support for the monarchy in Duckionary.

Solidarity: The support and help for people who are in need or disadvantaged.

These values are important to create a stable society and a functioning government that promotes the well-being of its citizens.


Panagua will be a favorable environment for startups. An International Zone will sell smaller parcels of land to interested micronations or companies By encouraging startups and providing financial support as well as resources, the Duckionary government has created a thriving entrepreneurial landscape. This has led to strong growth in entrepreneurship and innovation in the state.

Duckionary Stickers

A prominent feature of Duckionary's economy is its focus on sustainability. The country has taken extensive measures to minimize environmental impacts and promote a green economy. Investments are being made in renewable energy, green infrastructure, and sustainable agriculture. This has made Duckionary a leader in combating climate change. For example, 95% of all products Duckionary sells are made in Europe.

Duckionary's economy is also characterized by high digital penetration and technological advancement. The country has built an innovative infrastructure and promotes the use of cutting-edge technologies in various industries.

Since many citizens of Duckionary are professional or part-time artists, there are also special subsidies in this area. For example, Duckionary maintains a 60-square-meter state gallery and a pottery workshop with several rooms.

Overall, Duckionary's economic focus on innovation, sustainability, and social justice has created an inspiring economic landscape. The country demonstrates that a prosperous economy can be in harmony with environmental protection and social well-being.


The Central Bank of Duckionary issued its first series of 50 Kof coins in 2023. In May 2023, the banknote design was unveiled, the printed banknotes were presentet on 15 July 2023 at the Micro Euro Summit 2023.





August 24: Duckionary is founded, August 25: The first laws are passed, September 9th: First ideas about a currency are collected

Foreign Minister and Ambassador for Portugal (2022)


August 13: HE Ursula Loibner is named Duckionary's first ambassador


October 25: The constitution is declared valid by the Archduke, October 26: The lyrics to the national anthem are written


February 1: Duckionary opens an embassy in Germany, March 16: Duckionary's first meeting takes place, April 26: Duckionary launches a YouTube channel, June: Duckionary takes off on the Internet, July 3rd: The first passports are issued, July 4: State visit from Obscurium, July 23 Duckionary claims pocket 1, aka Panagua, August 2nd: The planning work for the Micro Euro Summit 2022 begins, 03 August: Improved flags and coats of arms are released, August 25: The first stamps are issued, August 27: The first "foreign" citizen joins, October 18: License plates are issued for the first time, November 26: A Duckionary embassy opens in Mexico, December 13: The Duckionary Post posts a postmark, December 19: The second meeting takes place, December 21: The Archduke meets with an ambassador in Germany, 25 December: The Archduke's Christmas speech is broadcast live, December 31: Duckionary New Year's Eve Celebration

Micro Euro Summit 2022


January 03: A Passport Control stamp is released, January 22: A Duckionary Embassy in the UK opens, January 24: Duckionary issues medals for the first time, January 24 Citizenship requests open to the general public, March 9: The titles of Emperor and President are changed by decree to Archduke and Prime Minister, March 28: ID cards are issued to active citizens for the first time, March 31: Diplomatic meeting with Sultan Randy of Slowjamastan in Munich, 11 June: Citizens' meeting and cultural trip, 24-26 June: Micro Euro Summit 2022, June 25: Duckionary signs the Chyše Charter, June 26: The "Marvelous Culture Award" is presented for the first time, June 30: Duckionary in the press (Denik N newspaper) July 20: State visit to Kugelmugel, August: The Archducal Office is inaugurated, 06-14 August: State visit by Obscurium, August 9: Diplomatic meeting with a Seborga diplomat in Munich, August 12: First naval mission to an uninhabited island in the Inn, September 3rd: Citizens' meeting in an Austrian mansion, attended by nine citizens, October: Three signs are installed in Duckionary, October 26: First edition of "The Duckionary Observer", October 28 Citizenship requests for the vast majority are suspended, October 31 Duckionary breaks world record for largest micronational flag, November 1: Duckionary is part of the book "How To Rule Your Own Country", November 9th: Duckionary is admitted to the Montediszamble Convention, November 9: Diplomatic missions are gradually equipped with signs, November 10: A Duckionary consulate opens in Berlin, November 12: The Settlement Association is officially formed, December 8th: Citizens' excursion to Munich, December 22: Diplomatic meeting with Ambassador Wünsch, December 26: Video conference with Ambassador Loibner, December 29: Christmas party and assembly, 31 December: New Year's Eve party at Duckionary


5th Dec Day of Obscurium (2023)

January 12: Duckionary Citizens and Supporters Meeting with ten participants, January 19 - 26: Cultural Exchange with the Kingdom of Atlia, February 1: New medals and redesigns of old medals are presented, February 11: Duckionary attends he G16 summit hosted by Vishwamitra, February 13: An environmental summit and signing of an Environmental Agreement with Atlia takes place, February 15: A Duckionary Consul visits the Sealand play "Radioland" in Berlin, February/March: Duckionary's online shop is expanded, February 20: Duckionary carnival party with eleven participants, March 03: A Duckionary delegation attends the 5th Obscurium Declaration Day in Kiel (Germany), March 08: The Archduke and the Consul for Berlin hold an official meeting, March 13: The Central Bank of Duckionary issues a coin for the first time, March 17: The Archduke speaks with the Minister of Justice of Liberland about Panagua., March: Diplomatic relations are established with the Karno-Ruthenian Empire, March: A multiple franking over Duckionary and the Kongeriget Elleore takes place, March 25: Ethos Island and Duckionary sign a treaty of mutual recognition, 01 April: April Fool: Volapük becomes the administrative language of Duckionary, April 03: Duckionary Radio returns, April 06: Dragon excursion and diplomatic meeting in Furth im Wald (DE) with Obscurium, April 22: The Royal Airforce of Duckionary takes off on a mission in Duckonian airspace in an airplane, 01 May: All official documents of Duckionary get a redesign, 12 May: Complete Statute of the Royal House of Duckionary is created and signed by Archduke Arthur I, 12 May: The Archduke and the Consul for Berlin hold an official meeting, 24 May: The banknotes design is published, 26 May: The Coat of Arms of the Archduke, with all the coats of arms of the Crown Lands is unveiled, 02 - 04 June: The Foreign Minister is on a diplomatic mission to embassy of Duckionary in Portugal, 16 June: Reform of the consititution, 18 June: Archduke Arthur I. ennobles two citizens, 28 June: New stamp series are unveiled, 14-16 July, Micro Euro Summit 2023, 28 July: Diplomtatic Meeting with Obscurium in Vienna, visit to the "Republik Kugelmugel", 30 July: New Stamp for First Day Issues, 5 August: Three new stamps for the Archduke and the Duckionary Post, 11-13 August: Attendance at MicroCon EU 2023 in Ypres ...


Archduke Arthur of Duckionary (2023)

Main article: Arthur C. de Tourneau

National Emblems

The national flag of Duckionary is a black, red, and blue tricolor with horizontal stripes. Duckionary's coat of arms features a cockatoo, kiwi, ginko leaf, crown and scales of justice.

More informations about the national emblems of Duckionary are available via the Micronational Flag Archive, led by Zar Antonov.


Duckionary ensures the availability of its TV and radio broadcasts through online platforms, specifically on YouTube. These channels serve as the official outlets for public access to Duckionary's television and radio programming. Individuals can tune in to the engaging content provided by Duckionary through the dedicated Duckionary Government YouTube channel. By leveraging the power of digital media, Duckionary extends its reach to a global audience, allowing people from various corners of the world to engage with the nation's diverse and captivating programming. Whether it's news updates, cultural shows, or informative discussions, the Duckionary Government YouTube channel serves as a gateway for individuals to stay connected with Duckionary's multimedia offerings and stay informed about the nation's latest developments.

Orders, Ribbons and Awards of Duckionary

Foreign relations


Duckionary is actively engaged in the international micronational community and is a proud member of two major organizations. As a signatory state to the Union Against Micronational War, Duckionary demonstrates its commitment to promoting peace and stability among micronations worldwide. In addition, Duckionary has been a member of the prestigious Micronation Postal Association since 2022, facilitating communication and cooperation.

In addition, Duckionary plays a crucial role as one of the organizers of the Micro Euro Summit, an influential event that promotes dialogue and cooperation between micronations. This summit serves as a platform for exchanging ideas, making meaningful connections, and fostering mutual understanding among participating nations. Duckionary attended the Micro Euro Summit 2022 and 2023.

Duckionary has also participated in the MicroCon EU 2023 in Ypres (Belgium).

Through active participation in international organizations and attendance at various summits and conferences, Duckionary continues to establish itself as a respected player in the micronational field dedicated to promoting cooperation, diplomacy, and mutual growth.

Relations with micronations and sovereign states

Duckionary retains active diplomacy with the following micronations:

Nation Recognition Physical Diplomatic Interactions Comment
 United Republic of Obscurium
  • Treaty (2021)
  • Treaty on Enhanced Friendship, Trade and Military Cooperation (2023)
  • 2021: State Visit in Duckionary
  • 2022: Micro-Euro Summit
  • 2022: State Visit in Duckionary
  • 2023: 5th Dec Day of Obscurium
  • 2023: Diplomatic Meeting Furth im Wald
  • 2023: Micro Euro Summit
  • 2023: Diplomatic Meeting Vienna
  • 2023: MicroCon EU
  • 2023: State Visit in Duckionary
  • 2023: Diplomatic Dinner Berlin
 Aerican Empire Friendship (since 2021)
 Republic of Molossia Informal Friendship (since 2021) 2023: MicroCon EU
 Great Kingdom of Slitronia Treaty (2022) 2023: Micro Euro Summit
 Kingdom of Atlia Treaty (2022)

Friendship Treaty (2023)

Environmental Agreement (2023)

Grand Principality of Belakray Friendship (since 2023) 2023: 5th Dec Day of Obscurium
 Kingdom of North Barchant Treaty (2023)
Republic of Padhrom Treaty (2022)
 Republic of West Who Treaty (2021)
 Kingdom of Ruritania Informal Friendship (2021)
 State of Vishwamitra Treaty (2021)
 Empire of Angyalistan Treaty (2021) 2023: MicroCon EU
 Republic of Slowjamastan Treaty (2022) 2022: Diplomatic Meeting in Munich

2023: MicroCon EU

 Kingdom of Pibocip Treaty (2022)
Federated Micronations of Musania Treaty (2022) 2022: Micro Euro Summit

2023: Micro Euro Summit

2023: State Visit in Musania

2023: Diplomatic Dinner Berlin

 Commonwealth of Dracul Treaty (2022)
Republic of Waronia Friendship (since 2022) 2022: Micro Euro Summit

2023: Micro Euro Summit

Governorate of Græcia Treaty (2023) 2023: Micro Euro Summit
Krkerorden Friendship (since 2023) 2023: Micro Euro Summit
 Karno-Ruthenian Empire Treaty (2023)
 People's Republic of Edristan Treaty (2023) 2022: Micro-Euro Summit

2023: Micro Euro Summit

Republic of Kugelmugel Friendhship (since 2022) 2022: State Visit in Kugelmugel
 Principality of Seborga 2022: Diplomatic Meeting in Munich Seborga does not see itself as a micronation
 Principality of Sancratosia Treaty (2022)
Republic of Užupis Treaty (2023) 2023: Micro Euro Summit

2023: Diplomatic Dinner Berlin

Ethos Island Cooperation (since 2022)

Treaty (2023)

2023: 5th Dec Day of Obscurium

2023: Micro Euro Summit

Grand Duchy of Flandrensis Treaty (2022) 2023: MicroCon EU
 Grand Duchy of Westarctica Treaty (2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
 Royal Republic of Ladonia Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
The Kingdom of Lithua Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Republic of Pleiso Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Democratic Republic of Satoshi Treaty (2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Republic of Fulldova Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Republic of Yusienia Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Principality of Lorenzburg Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Principality of Hélianthis Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Principality of Deux-Acren Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Principality of Aigues-Mortes Treaty (2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Noseland Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Grand Republic of Cycoldia Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Glamorgannwg Indigenous People Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Newgraviate of Saint-Castin Friendship (since 2023) 2023: MicroCon EU
Ambulatory Free States of Obsidia Friendship (since 2023) 2023: Diplomatic Dinner Berlin

Intermicronational Treaties:

Chyše Charter on the Differentation of Micronations and Similar, but Hostile Entities and Micronational Conduct (25 June 2022)

Montediszamble Convention (09 November 2022)

Passport and Flag of Duckionary

Diplomatic Meetings


United Republic of Obscurium

04 July 2021 in Duckionary


Republic of Slowjamastan

31 March 2022 in Munich (Germany)

United Republic of Obscurium

06 - 13 August 2022 in Duckionary

Principato di Seborga (Consulate Munich)

09 August 2022 in Munich (Germany)


United Republic of Obscurium

06 April 2023 in Furth im Wald (Germany) and Domažlice (Czech Republic)

United Republic of Obscurium

29 July 2023 in Vienna (Austria)

Diplomatic Dinner Berlin

06 September 2023

Duckionary, Obscurium, Musania, Užupis and Obsidia

United Republic of Obscurium

22 August 2023 - 02 September 2023 in Duckionary

Micronational Summits


Micro Euro Summit 2022

24 - 26 June 2022 in Chyše (Czech Republic)


Micro Euro Summit 2023

14 - 16 July 2023 in Chyše (Czech Republic)

MicroCon EU 2023

11 - 13 August 2023 in Ypres (Belgium)

State Visits


Republic of Kugelmugel

19 July 2022 in Kugelmugel (surrounded by Austria)

United Republic of Obscurium

03 March 2023 in the Free Protectorate of Flagpolis (surrounded by Germany)

Federated Micronations of Musania

06 September 2023 (Berlin)

Press and media coverage

Passauer Neue Presse (Germany, 2021)

No link available

Denik N (Czech Republic, 2022):

How To Rule Your Own Country (Australia, 2022)

Courrier des Balkans (France, 2023)

Danube, le fleuve où peuvent naître des utopies (1/3) | Bienvenue dans les micro-nations danubiennes

The Sweeper Podcast (Austria, 2023)

The Antarctic micronation with a football team

External contacts & websites