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Flag of Parvia

Parvia is a remote micronation in West Moravia. It gets its name from 'parvus' meaning small in Latin. West Moravia shares 15% of its land with Parvia. Parvia is a slowly progressing county. Parvia holds many annual competitions against the rest of West Moravia including the very well known debating contest which takes place on the 1st January annually. The county of Parvia produces money in the Great Bank of Parvia. Parvia has an increasing amount of educational sites but they are confident to keep Private, Grammar and Comprehensive schools running. The minimum hourly wage in Parvia is £10.50 and Parvian taxpayers pay an exceedingly high amount of money to help the slowly destructing Parvian County Council (PCC). The Parvian Police Force (PPF) has recruited a new team of staff after the multiple loss of staff and residents in the horrific incident occurring on the 15th of October 2019 (when Parvia was reinstated). Parvian food is Parvia's strength. When West Moravia was founded many chefs refused to work for such a low salary that they moved to Parvia and produced exquisite food. The Parvian Polenta has been tried and tested by the most famous chefs and has won many best meal awards globally. The capital of Parvia is Socrates, Greater Parvia. Although, Socrates is not a city, it is a representative part of Parvia and hence its choice as capital. Socrates, along with Agamemnon, Demetrius, Theophilus and Vernados, founded what was known as 'Magnia' (from 'magnus' meaning big in Latin) back in 1531. Parvia's official language is Parvian and its demonym, Parvian. Its population has recently recorded 1,524. The time zone is UTC with GBP as the Parvian currency.

National Anthem

Parvia's National Anthem - 'Bring Parvia to Glory' - was composed and lyricised by James Carder-Geddes on the 4th July 2021. The lyrics for the anthem are as follows:

Bring us to the Parvian glory, gracious Lord

Sounds of trumpets, drums and singing

Lifting up our Parvian souls

Parvia's National Animal - Dominican yellow and green macaw

Bring us to the Parvian glory, gracious Lord

New beginnings, start of stories

Leaving us with grace and salvation

National Animal

Parvia's National Animal is the Parrot (specifically Dominican green and yellow macaw) chosen in honour of the current leader's - James Carder-Geddes - favourite animal.

National Sport

Parvia's National Plant - Yellow Chrysanthemum

Parvia's National Sport was, again, chosen in honour of one of James Carder-Geddes' favourite sports, Molkky. Molkky is a Finnish throwing game not too dissimilar to bowling. Rules for this game can be found here.

National Plant

Parvia's National Plant was inspired by the flag colours and the National colours of Parvia: yellow and green. One of the most beautiful flowers of these colours is the 'Yellow Chrysanthemum' which is also commonly spread in Parvia's rich and fertile land.

10 Parvian Moralities

1. Live your life

The first morality is finding and living a personal and true life without letting others thoughts and behaviours affect your life in a negative way. Find what you enjoy doing and do it. There is no way to judge your life - live it how you want to. No one is there to assess it or mark it or criticise it - life is only there to be lived!!

2. Treat others consistently

Treat others how you would like to be treated yourself. Care for others how you want to be cared for yourself. Love others how you would like to be loved yourself.

3. Think before you speak

Think 'is it kind?' 'is it helpful?' or 'is it necessary?' - if its none of those then don't say it. Just take time to ask yourself if what your saying is really worth it.

4. Appreciate the good things

Life's too short to look at all the bad things around us. Just take time to enjoy and appreciate all the beautiful and amazing things around you - animals, nature, family, friends! Stay positive and radiate happiness to others.

5. Fix your posture

Don't be a sheep and follow the crowd for the sake of following the ground. Find your identity and stick to it - be yourself and don't let others stop you doing this.

6. Be patient

Focus on a higher purpose and not instant gratification. Learn to wait and be patient - don't constantly think about 'what's going to happen' or 'what has happened' just focus on 'what is happening'

7. Stick with nice people

Befriend people who only want the best for you - don't befriend others just for status or pressure. Only stay with someone if they value you and you can be yourself around them.

8. Listen carefully

Learn to be a good listener and learn more about others. Be curious and show interest - use what you know about someone to build a close relationship.

9. Accept inequality

Accept that inequality exists and people aren't individually tailored for you or your desires. Everyone is different - in looks and personality but do not judge them, treat them or think of them differently because they aren't like you.

10. Set a goal

Set yourself a reasonably achieved goal and works towards it. Have a purpose, an intention and a dream as well as a growth mindset. Know that you might mistakes - and its ok to make mistakes. 'Failure is not a thing' as the Parvian motto says.


Below is a labelled map of Parvia's different cities, towns and regions.

Map of Parvia.jpg


Parvia's selection of towns may be small but the towns cover an abundance of acres.

  • Carderville
  • Geddestown
  • Bankcroftown
  • Greater Parvia


Carderville was thought to be the first town of Parvia. All Parvian traditions were invented here and Carderville has a highly cultural population. Carderville has a population of 405. Carderville covers the North of Parvia and Cardervillians are colloquial when speaking hence making them fairly distinct from Geddestonians, Bankcroftonians or Greater Parvians. Carderville has the largest number of schools ranging from Grammar to Private.


Geddestown is located South West of Carderville and has a mere population of 103. The town as a whole isn't doing well economically or environmentally and many people struggle to pay the taxes. The crime rate in Geddestown reached its peak on the 16th of October 2019. Geddestown has many youth hostels and is known to offer the best sporting entertainment.


Bankcroftown is located East of Geddestown and has a population of 254. The Bankcroftonians are considered to be the wealthiest citizens of Parvia. Many citizens travel via hovercar (Lord Bankcroft's very own invention). The Bankcroftonians keep themselves away from Cardervillians and Geddestonians and don't like interacting with them. Bankcroftown is the least polluting town due to its vast number of electric hovercars.

Greater Parvia

Greater Parvia is at the very centre of Parvia and is the most populated and biggest city. It was officially declared a city when the population exceeded 500 in January 2020. Its current population is 762. Due to it's large size, Greater Parvia has 5 regions all named after the five founding fathers of Parvia: (in order of population)

  • Socrates (Population: 304)
  • Agamemnon (Population: 176)
  • Demetrius (Population: 150)
  • Theophilus (Population: 82)
  • Vernados (Population: 50)

Greater Parvia is culturally diverse and has a variety of lower, middle and upper class citizens. The ethos in Greater Parvia is very much inclusive and everyone works together as a team.

Plaques of the Founding Fathers


Socrates Plaque .jpg


Plaque of Agamemnon.jpg


The Plaque of Demetrius.png


The Plaque of Theophilus.jpg


The Plaque of Vernados.jpg

Many thanks to Ray Leecher, Head of the Greater Parvian Community Council for conducting the making of the 5 plaques.


Parvia has variety of schools all providing the best education for the citizens

  • Carderhill Primary (Private School) HM. Alphonso McRansy
  • Cardersun School (Private School) HM. Wilbur Longson
  • Carderhill Secondary (Private School) HM. Sheryll Dane
  • Cardercraft School (Grammar School - High Level) HM. Merton Olman
  • Carderbanks School (Grammar School - Middle Level) HM. Leanne Tathen
  • Carderton School (Grammar School - Lower Level) HM. Robin Elwes
  • Geddeshop School (Comprehensive School) HM. Barrie Beringer
  • Geddestrail School (Grammar School - Lower Level A) HM. Jayne Moors
  • Geddestops School (Grammar School - Lower Level B) HM. Hilary Burgess
  • Geddesrafter School (Grammar School - Lower Level C) HM. Josh Huston
  • Bankley Manors (Private School) HM. Millard Edgar
  • Crofton Castle (Private School) HM. Oswald Remus
  • Barkley College (Private School) HM. Melville Wortham
  • Poshtonius School (Private School) HM. Emerson Raverton
Greater Parvia

Socrates = (S) Agamemnon = (A) Demetrius = (D) Theophilus = (T) Vernados = (V)

  • Socrates School (Comprehensive School - S) HM. Robin Garnett
  • Socry School (Private School - S) HM. Diana Rogerson
  • Socrateville Grammar (Grammar School - Low Level - S) HM. Denis Kirby
  • Socris Grammar (Grammar School - Medium Level - S) HM. Brenden Jacobs
  • Socrity Grammar (Grammar School - High Level - S) HM. Ingram Jacobs
  • Agama Primary (Private School - A) HM. Mary Priestley
  • Agama Secondary (Private School - A) HM. Suzanne Winter
  • Agamemo Grammar (Grammar School - A) HM. Samuel Baxter
  • Agamus School (Comprehensive School - A) HM. Agatha Doying
  • Demetry School (Private School - D) HM. Chadwick Ravell
  • Demetrioso School (Private School - D) HM. Tamara Devon
  • Demetrio School (Comprehensive School - D) HM. Brianna Watkins
  • Theopily School (Grammar School - Low Level - T) HM. Alan Thomson
  • Theopalo School (Grammar School - Medium Level - T) HM. Willis Coleman
  • Theophilate School (Grammar School - High Level - T) HM. Ezra Dorsey
  • Vernad School (Comprehensive - V) HM. Penny Ware
  • Vernadus School (Comprehensive - V) HM. Richard Beck


Parvia has 2 theatres due to James Carder-Geddes' love of theatre and acting.

Carder-Geddes Grand Theatre

Carder-Geddes Grand Theatre

In Greater Parvia, this is Parvia's, and even West Moravia's, most famous theatre and seats 675 people.

It hosts the Parvian Talent Show and Magic Show as well as the Literature Festival and Debating Contest.

It is the heart of Parvian culture and is much loved by Neville Springer in particular

The current Chief Director at the Carder-Geddes Grand Theatre is Milton Wiles, OSCAR winning actor

Opened in 2014 by James Carder-Geddes


Located in Bankcroftown, it is one of the most expensive places to get into in the whole of West Moravia and generally seats only 75 people.

Bankcroftown's Amphitheatre

Mostly Shakespearean, the productions tend to be more advanced.

Opened in 1549 by Theophilus and restored in 1956

Hosted all of Shakespeare's plays throughout the past 400 years

The current Chief Director is Paris Cape, renowed Shakesperian actor - voted best in the last decade



The state religion of Parvia is Christianity. Or more specifically Anglican, Church of England. Anglicans believe that, in the 1500s, the leaders of the Church of England came up with the Thirty-Nine Articles. These state the beliefs of the church, though the individual churches are not required to follow them. There are certain basic ideas, however, that most Anglicans accept. They follow the Bible and they believe in two main sacraments, or special signs of faith—baptism and Holy Communion. Anglicans generally attend services on Sunday mornings. They use The Book of Common Prayer to guide their services. The book was written in the 1500s and has been revised several times since then.

Cross of Christ Anglican Church .jpg


Parvia has 3 beautiful churches across the county:

Cross of Christ Anglican Church

Location: 21 Northwood Street, Socrates

Denomination: Anglican, Church of England

Laden Tomb Church, Carderville.jpg

Built: 1693

Membership: ≈150

Laden Tomb Church

Location: 1 Park Road, Carderville Denomination: Presbyterian, Church of England Built: 1530

Membership: ≈100

Cornerstone of Celebration Church, Bankcroftown

Cornerstone of Celebration Church

Location: 10 Lofty Springs, Bankcroftown

Denomination: Evangelism, Protestant

Built: 1956

Membership: ≈75

Annual Events

1 January - Parvian Debating Contest

10 January - Parvian Bake Off

5 February - Parvia’s Got Talent

16 March - COVID-19 Memorial Day

12 April - Easter

25 May - Parvian Magician Show

3 June - Parvian Charity Day

22 July - St Parvia’s Day

5 August - Parvian Animal Show

12 September - The Day of the Founding Fathers

15 October - Remembrance Day (Parvian War)

5 November - Parvian Literature Festival

25 December - Christmas

31 December - New Year’s Eve

Monthly Reports


Due to the current situation with COVID-19, many people are finding it hard to 'keep on going', so this monthly report should help reassure citizens that things are all under control with our COVID-19 situation. You will see below all the previous monthly reports starting from March to the present month. If anyone would like a mention or a discussion in the report please contact James Carder-Geddes.

March 2020

As COVID-19 has now moved to Parvia, I officially announce the start of our county's lockdown. The new lockdown scheme, ensures that all citizens are kept safe through this pandemic. The measures and precautions we must take are vital for your well-being physically and mentally. I must assure you that everything is under control and you must not worry. The PCC have now employed a new Support Leader, Leah Way who is always there to answer any concerns or worries you may have on this matter. The new changes and adjustments being made for the benefit of your well-being and health are listed below:

  1. You must only go out for one piece of exercise a day for no longer than 1 hour
  2. You must be frequently washing your hands when going out to avoid spreading the virus
  3. You must maintain a 2 metre distance from other residences to avoid spreading the virus
  4. Although these are not vital, face masks are advised to be worn
  5. If you are showing any COVID-19 symptons, you must call 111 and self-isolate for 2 weeks along with family members
  6. In reaction to the virus, we have closed all shops. However, we have made sure there are enough online options for each and every Parvian citizen
  7. Along with this, theatres, zoos, museums, theme parks, holiday resorts and shared areas etc. have all been shut so you are advised not to enter town Stay Safe

April 2020

Following on from last month's report, the restrictions are all the same but now you can go out twice a day with a limit of 2 hours exercise. The PHS has been working very well whilst battling against the virus. As Parvia has a very small elderly population (due to the vast number of citizens who retire in West Moravia) the COVID cases have been at a low. With only 10 people at the hospital and 2 deaths, Parvia has dealt very well. I must assure you that everything is under control once again and Leah Way says she has been 'very happy to see new faces and support many through these tough times'. Stay Safe

May 2020

As May approaches, we are happy to announce that you are free to go outside as much as you would like each day. But still please follow the other guidelines to ensure we control the virus. Once again, the PHS have been thriving in keeping all the patients well at the hospital. The peak of cases (38) was reached on the 23rd May but has been nicely controlled and brought down to 12. The death number has only risen by 3 as the diligence of the workers has been phenomenal. I have been positively surprised with the county's teamwork and togetherness at these times and many times have seen streets and even villages helping each other out. I love the happy and positive spirits spreading round Parvia and long may it continue. Stay Safe

June 2020

The virus has been so well controlled by you, the general public, that we have decided to reduce social distancing to 1 metre now and shops have successfully re-opened on the 28th June. Also, groups of up to 8 people can now meet up together and elderly people don't have to shield. However, face masks have now become compulsory in shops and as public transport has been re-introduced we still ask you to socially distance and wear a face mask. We can also happily announce most schools in Parvia have re-opened with new 'bubble/pod' systems on the go. For more information on this, please expect a letter from the school's headmaster. All these extra steps are to help keep the virus at an all time low. We have 3 COVID patients in the hospitals and 0 deaths. This is truly outstanding news so we persuade you to keep on doing what you're doing. Stay Safe

July 2020

As the virus is loosening even more, we have decided to reduce social distancing to 1 metre and have now allowed 'social bubbles'. These are bubbles/groups of friends and families who don't need to socially distance together. You can go inside and stay overnight but if one person in your bubble is ill you must ALL self-isolate. We are overwhelmed with the COVID situation in the PHS as we have 0 patients and 0 new deaths. The curve is flattening and more and more guidelines are loosening. We must thank all Parvian citizens for your help and support of all the Key Workers. Stay Safe

August 2020

As you may notice around you, many things are returning back to normal as more days go on and the virus is really dying out. To maintain this positively low level, we still ask you to wear face coverings when entering shops, public transport and crowded places. Please also keep that 1 metre distance whenever possible. As Parvia is now a COVID free hospital, we are focusing on keeping our economy going along with local businesses. We have now introduced a new scheme that applies for all Parvian restaurants - if you go to a restaurant 2 times, you get 50% off the third time. We are glad to announce schools are back open and work is starting, ending the stretched out furlough scheme. For any more information on this matter, please contact James Carder-Geddes. Stay Safe

September 2020 - August 2021

For this period, I am on (temporary) work leave due to high amounts of work. Consequently, this section of the monthly report will remain blank.

September 2021

I am very happy to be continuing the monthly reports section after a busy year. I must explain that most of my work has been logistical as I thrive to complete the annual agenda and also negotiate with neighbouring microcounties and even some microcountries. COVID, as you all now, is still very much a part of Parvian life. That being said, I can officially announce that all of Parvia's population has been vaccinated as of May 2021. This has been excellent news to us all. We have, consequently lifted all restrictions and Parver Isaac Intrap, Head of Vaccines and COVID Affairs, has categorised the virus as a 'minor threat.' He continues to say 'Although the Parvian population are still at risk of contracting the virus, symptoms (for most) are better and easier to recover from.' I must also say that annual booster jabs have been scheduled and can be booked by emailing your local hospital. See names below:

Geddesville - Parver Oliver Gouder. Carderville - Marie Reynolds. Bankcroftown - Horatio Hooverton. Greater Parvia - Ben Morris.

October 2021

The draft plans for the '5 Founding Fathers' museum are out and I am thrilled to say that construction will start in November - we are hoping that the museum will be officially completed by the end of 2022 and are planning a special celebrity to marked this occasion. Please watch this space for more information. COVID wise, Parver Isaac Intrap has recently announced that 'Seemingly, herd immunity is the best way of protecting such a small community that is Parvia from the dreaded lurgy. With this taken into account, and the advice of foreign experts, I thoroughly recommend that if a Parvian citizen is to contract COVID, they should consider allowing others to receive it likewise in order to stabilise the immunity of the community. As with any advice, there are always exceptions, such as the elderly and more vulnerable though please do consider the vaccines' help' Please take this expert advice into account. On a separate note, I am delighted to announce that the all-new Parvian Literature Festival will start on the 5th November, marking the first year of this event. Thanks to the collaboration of some Greater Parvian teachers (Suzanne Winter, Diana Rogerson, Richard Beck and Penny Ware) this event has been arranged with most of the events free of charge. Although, understandably, some valued with money going towards the progression of this annual event. Please look out for more information but for this month of new horizons, thank you.

November 2021

The Parvian Literature Festival was a roaring success as we had an excellent turn out of roughly a hundred tickets sold to each event. My personal favourite event was the 'Welcome Back Theatres' talk from the man himself, Lin Manuel Miranda! Construction for the '5 Founding Father's museum, as promised, has started and is estimated to be built by the end of 2022 - the surprise celebrity has been booked for the opening ceremony - more info to come soon. News of COVID looks bright as 85% of Parvia has had COVID which means the herd immunity is close to being achieved!

December 2021

The final month of a rollercoaster of a year! Christmas celebrations are spreading throughout Parvia with an new ice skating rink in Greater Parvia and various Santa Grottos in Geddesville. Many Christmas-themed fundraiser events hope to raise money for the new museum - please come along to those (particularly the '2021 Winter Fété' in Bankcroftown!) Have a happy and Merry Christmas!!


At the start of a new year, we all will face new hurdles and achievements. I am currently weighed down with work load and so will be off correspondence for the next 2 years for the monthly reviews. With this in mind, I am appointing a temporary Head of PCC for 2022-2023. This is huge news and, after a series of follow up referendums spreading across January to March, you all voted for the new temporary Head of PCC. Milton Wiles. As an actor and former director of the Carder-Geddes Grand Theatre, he certainly carries his charisma and public speaking into his new role. His agenda has been called 'The Milton Agenda' and covers a list of goals to be fulfilled in no time limit - unlike the former annual ones. Milton Wiles is a member of the Liberal Democrats, and makes history with their first period of rule ever in Parvia! I wish all the best of luck to my temporary successor, who has decided to transfer the normal digital monthly reviews that I am writing on now, to a live theatre speech in the Carder-Geddes Grand Theatre, the first Saturday of every month - look out for those. Goodbye for now!


Below you will see an archived selection of Parvia's yearly agendas along with a detailed review and report. Each year, the PCC elect their top ten improvements (based on citizen input) for Parvia. As a county we try our very best to fulfil these tasks. However, due to a wide variety of things, we may not fully complete a task.

2019 Agenda
  1. To complete the housing estate project in Carderville
  2. To elect a deputy head of Parvia County Council (PCC)
  3. To add 20 new parks to Parvia
  4. To win the best meal of the year award
  5. To stop terrorism in the Western parts of Geddestown
  6. To decrease taxes from £10.50 to £8.50
  7. To increase the police & security sector to a population of 25
  8. To reduce pollution across all of Parvia
  9. To contribute to the West Moravian government as rightful allies
  10. To increase the land West Moravia shares with us from 10% to 20%
2019 Agenda Review
  1. The housing estate in Carderville has successfully been completed due to the honourable dedication of the Parvian Building Society (PBS)
  2. The new deputy head of the PCC is Samuel Crawford who has thrived since his first day
  3. Unfortunately not all 20 parks were added to Parvia but still 10 were added
  4. Once again, Parvia has won the meal of the year award thanks to our Head Chef, Sebastien Friessner Day whom - according to the judges - 'provided a truly delicious Polenta.'
  5. Due mainly to COVID-19, there has been a huge decrease in terrorism and especially in the Western Parts of Geddestown therefore this has been successful
  6. Unfortunately once again due to COVID-19, our taxes haven't decreased but only increased (now to £12.50) as our economical situation isn't the strongest it has been
  7. Luckily crime rates have been decreasing, so we haven't found the need to increase our security sector
  8. The pollution levels have been positively low owing to COVID-19 (once again!) as people haven't found the need to drive around so cycling has become increasingly popular
  9. We have signed a peace treaty with the West Moravian government, becoming rightful allies, and allowed our headquarters to be moved to West Moravia
  10. West Moravia now shares 15% of it's land with us which has certainly helped even though it may not be the full 20%

Number of goals achieved: 6/10

2020 Agenda
  1. To finish adding the final 5 parks, bringing the total up to 20
  2. To bring taxes back down to £10.50 and maintain this balance
  3. To share 20% of the West Moravian land
  4. To add 25 new cycle paths around Parvia
  5. To add 50 new cycle lock stations
  6. To employ 20 more scientists to continue on a search of a vaccine for COVID-19
  7. To come in the top 10 for the happiest MicroCounty competition
  8. To ensure that 100% of our population wear masks in shops and buses
  9. To ensure that each resident is donating a minimum of 1% of their savings to the ‘COVID-19 Heroes’ charity each month
  10. To stop the furlough scheme 1 month earlier (in September)
2020 Agenda Review
  1. All 5 parks have been successfully added much to the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources's delight
  2. Taxes have risen down to £11.00 but not quite reached the goal
  3. After a fresher start politically with West Moravia, Parvia has received a 20% expansion
  4. As cycling is becoming increasingly popular, 25 new paths have been added around Greater Parvia (for more information contact Head of the Greater Parvia County Council)
  5. Ray Leecher, Head of the Greater Parvian County Council, has also added 50 new cycle lock stations around (contact her for a map)
  6. Some great news has come in regarding vaccinations as Parver (a traditional Parvian knighthood) Isaac Intrap has discovered Parvia's very own vaccine -> The Parzer
  7. Following this discovery, Parvia made it to the top 5 happiest MicroCounties!
  8. As restrictions ease, this goal has no longer needed to be pursued
  9. Residents have exceeded this requirement with some Bankcroftowns donating 10% of their income!
  10. The furlough scheme stopped in August, achieving this goal.

Number of goals achieved: 8/10

2021 Agenda
  1. To create Community Councils for the towns of Carderville, Geddestown and Bankcroftown
  2. To create 5 plaques around Greater Parvia, each for the founding fathers
  3. To launch the opening of Greater Parvia's '5 Founders Museum'
  4. To plant 100 new trees across Geddestown, Parvia's most polluting city
  5. To restrict Bankcroftown's hovercars to roads only
  6. To create a 'Bonding Centre' to allow Cardervillians, Geddestowners, Bankcroftonians and Greater Parvians to rectify the previous rivalries
  7. To build territorial walls around Parvia's state to avoid unauthorised entry or extremists
  8. To create a Parvian county flag with all entries to be sent to James Carder-Geddes
  9. To choose a Parvian national animal
  10. To create the 10 Parvian Moralities

2021 Agenda Review
  1. The Community Councils have been successfully created thanks to the appropriate council heads (Ray Leecher - GPCC. Terry Spod - CCC. Helena Rockson - GCC. Neville Springer - BCC)
  2. The plaques have also been created and put up in the appropriate areas, thanks to Ray Leecher again
  3. Unfortunately, the opening will be the end of next year but plans and projects are starting to unfold
  4. 100 and 50 more trees have been planted in Geddestown with our new environmental policy
  5. Bankcroftown's Neville Springer has been preoccupied on other matters and promises to 'look at this soon'
  6. Money has interfered with many other projects in play but I shall re-evaluate this
  7. Steve Knot- Parvia's Head of Terrorism Prevention - helped conduct this scheme, ensuring safety
  8. The county flag of Parvia has been chosen with Parvia's national colours of green and yellow
  9. The Parvian national animal of the dominican yellow and green macaw keeps the national colours
  10. The 10 Parvian Moralities have indeed been published, based on the decalogue

Number of goals achieved: 7/10

The Milton Agenda
  1. To establish an group of amateur dramatics in Greater Parvia - names to be chosen too
  2. To create an annual Church Festival, in which all three churches work ecumenically
  3. To create a classical music concert hall and an Opera Society
  4. For Parvia to host a royal visit from the aristocracy of a yet to be decided MicroCounty
  5. To open up a chain of food banks across Carderville and Geddestown


Nuclear Bunkers - Diagram

Ever since the first attack from West Mouzilo, Parvia has always been cautious about the county's defence. Whilst suffering constant threats from West Mouzilo, Parvia has recruited a strong Parvian Police Force as well as a cabinet of defence. On the 5th August, a major nuclear threat was sent to Parvia and Parvia's Minister of Defence has reacted right away. In correspondence with the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, the Defence Cabinet have ordered the building of 20 news nuclear bunkers to be placed around Parvia. Each bunker equates to £500 and any council donations are welcome. As of 8 August, no more serious threats are in place but we must warn all citizens to keep aware of these threats. Although we are doing all we can for your protection, we ask you to stay calm and controlled. You should receive a leaflet through your door on what to do in a nuclear attack.

Nuclear Bunkers

We are proud to announce the successful completion of the building of the nuclear bunkers. Though several days overdue, the bunker's defence exceeds our expectations. Here is the diagram of a typical bunker.

Territorial Walls

After a slightly disrupted past 4 months, Parvia's territorial walls have been completed in the hope that less illegal activity will occur concerning unauthorised entry into Parvia. Steve Knot- Parvia's Head of Terrorism Prevention - helped conduct this scheme. Although the total amount spent is unclear, Steve is certain that the planned budget was exceeded.

Parvian Police Force

Security comes first for citizens of Parvia, After the mass terrorist attack from members of the Extremist West Mouzilo. The police force is upgrading as days go by but Parvia is privileged to have such a strong Police Force.

Head of the PPF - Colin Crest

Deputy Head of the PFF - Robin Barkley

Head of Terrorism Prevention - Steve Knot

Head of Military Affairs - Carl Barten

Head of the Carderville Police Branch - Alice Mills

Head of the Geddestown Police Branch - Derek Kingston

Head of the Bankcroftown Police Branch - Charlotte Gold

Head of the Greater Parvian Police Branch - Miles Brown


Parvian County Council

The PCC is based in the centre of Parvia and is mainly Left-Wing. With a majority of the Parvian County Councillors being environmentalists the PCC is most well known for its political Green views. The Green Party shares its HQ with the Parvian County Council Meeting Hall. The members of the PCC meet up every Friday. Milton Wiles, Liberal Democrat, will stand as the temporary Head of the PCC from 2022-2023 as James is on work leave.

Head of the PCC - James Carder-Geddes (temporary leadership 22-23: Milton Wiles)

Deputy Head of the PCC - Samuel Crawford

Head of Distant County Communications - Alex Van-Someren

Head of West Moravian Communications - Steven Potts

Head of Parvian Exportations - Ed Smart

Head of Parvian Importations - Lawrence Caster

COVID-19 Support Leader - Leah Way

Greater Parvian Community Council

The GPCC is based in the North-West of Greater Parvia, in Socrates, and is mainly Liberal. With a majority of the Greater Parvian Community Councillors being Liberal Democrats, the GPCC is most well known for its politically equal views. On the 10th November 2021, the Greater Parvian County Council will elect a new Head of GPCC. The members of the GPCC meet up every Wednesday.

Head of the GPCC - Ray Leecher

Deputy Head of the GPCC - Richard Major

Carderville Community Council

The CCC is based in the South East of Carderville and is mainly Green. With a majority of the Carderville Community Councillors being Greens, the CCC is most well known for its environmentalists views. On the 4th June 2021, the CCC was formed with Terry Spod happily taking leadership. However, the deputy is yet to be decided and so an election will take place on the 20th July 2021 open to all Cardervillians. The CCC meet up Saturday on a fortnightly basis.

Head of the CCC - Terry Spod

Deputy Head of the CCC - tbc.

Geddestown Community Council

The GCC is based in the South West of Geddestown and is mainly Labour. With a majority of the Geddestown Community Councillors being Labour, the GCC is most well known for its left wing views. On the 12th June 2021, the GCC was formed with Helena Rockson happily taking leadership accompanied by her husband, Marvin Rockson, as Deputy Head. The GCC meet up Sunday on a fortnightly basis.

Head of the GCC - Helena Rockson

Deputy Head of the GCC - Marvin Rockson

Bankcroftown Community Council

The BCC is based in the South East of Bankcroftown and is mainly Conservative. With a majority of the Bankcroftown Community Councillors being Conservative, the BCC is most well known for its right wing views. On the 17th June 2021, the BCC was formed with Neville Springer (best known for serving as a judge on Parvia's Got Talent) taking on leadership with his deputy, Lavender Fitzlay. The BCC meet up each Monday.

Head of the BCC - Neville Springer

Head of the BCC - Lavender Fitzlay

Parvian Cooking Committee

The Parvian Cooking Committee has the best chefs and cooks of the time. With the Parvian Polenta as the signature dish, Parvia produces lots of food for itself and many other counties and even countries. Parvia makes most of its money in the food industry and it’s extremely difficult to get a job as a member of the Cooking Committee. The members of the Cooking Committee work Monday-Sunday 9am-9 pm

Head Chef of the PCC - Thomas Phillips

Sous Chef of the PCC - Fiona Lark

Head of Ingredient Importations - Phil Trotter

Head of Food Exportations - Marvin Yen

Head of Restaurant Food Suppliers - Wendy Murton

Parvian Health Service

The Parvian Health Service has been a vital service in the year 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals around Parvia immediately took action and battled extremely well against the virus. With a professional team of highly advanced doctors, many gaining masters degrees in medicine and sciences, Parvia has a very reliable team of doctors at hand who have thrived through this pandemic. One of our doctors 'Parver Oliver Gouder' was awarded a Parvian knighthood for saving many many lives of West Moravians and Parvians. The members of the PHS work day and night, in all types of departments for the welfare of Parvia. Moreover, Parver Isaac Intrap has discovered Parvia's very own vaccine proven to be 90% successful and coming in 2 doses.

Founder of the PHS - Caroline Cressworth

Head of the Geddesville Hospital - Parver Oliver Gouder

Head of the Carderville Hospital - Marie Reynolds

Head of the Bancroftown Hospital - Horatio Hooverton

Head of the Greater Parvian Hospital - Ben Morris

Head of Parvian Medicine - Molly Dover

Head of Parvian Vaccines - Parver Isaac Intrap

Head of Foreign Hospital Engagements - Alex Van-Someren


The Parvian Polenta: The Perfect Recipe - Thomas Phillips

The Parzer: Science Behind Parvia's Leading Vaccine - Parver Isaac Intrap

Going Green - Samuel Crawford and James Carder-Geddes

Conflict: Parvia's Stretched Out History- Ian Blott

Talent: How to Find It - Neville Springer

How to Have a Growth Mindset Amidst a Pandemic - Leah Way

A Theatre of Meaning: A Beginner's Guide to Jung - Kenneth Crawford *

A Song of Love and Life: Exploring Individuation Through the Medieval Spirit - Kenneth Crawford *

*Both officially voted joint top book of the year and prize winners in the philosophy category. Read more about Kenneth Crawford.