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Parvusmons (Latin)
⟜П∩△⊔|⋀⊸⊔〜+ (Denfray)
Parvusmount Self-Determined Province
Flag of Parvusmount
Official seal of Parvusmount
Coat of arms of Parvusmount
The Parvus Mount
"dieu et mon droit"
"god and my right"
Country Princia
Established28th September 2019 (as Kingdom of North Parvusmount)
 • First minister  United Democratic
 • Band identifier
Time zoneUTC+0:45,-0:15 (RPST)
1, 2, 3, 4
Area codeP1

Parvusmount, officially the Parvusmount Self-Determined Province (commonly shortened to the Parvusmount SDP) and known for postal & statistical purposes as Province P1, is a governmental province of the Princian Commonwealth. Parvusmount elects 24 ministers and 8 lordministers for representation in the Electoral Legislature of the Prince's Order, and has previously been known as the Kingdom of North Parvusmount, Home Province of North Parvusmount, Outlying Province of Parvusmount and now the Parvusmount SDP. Parvusmount was known as the Kingdom of Parvusmount before its annexation into Princia.


The name Parvusmount comes from the Latin "parvus," meaning "small," a reference to the rugged terrain of the province with the peak being dubbed the Parvus Mount, despite officially not being a mountain.

2021 Parvusmountian Status Referendum

The 2021 Parvusmountian Status Referendum was a people's vote held within the Parvusmount SDP called by the 2021 Act of Referenda on Self-Determination. The question on the ballot paper read: "Should Parvusmount remain a Self-Determined Protectorate, become an Outlying Province, become an independent country or become more integrated into Princia as a Self-Determined Province?" the acceptable answers were "Remain a Self-Determined Protectorate", "Become an independent country," "Become an Outlying Province," and "Become a Self-Determined Province." The referendum was held in conjunction with and on the same date as the October 2021 10th Unitary Election and 2021 Soedesian Independence Referendum. The People's Party & Princian Party of Socialists and United Democratic & Liberal Party both announced their support for Parvusmount becoming an outlying province, the Metropolitan Party announced their support for becoming a Self-Determined Province, and the Parvusmountian government itself urged its citizens to vote for either maintenance of the current Self-Determined Protectorate or for independence.


The calling of the referendum was prompted by the Parvusmountian government's continued refusal to implement democracy to their government structure despite the Prince's Order's demands to do so. The Metropolitan Party took pity on the people of Parvusmount and began campaigning within the Prince's Order for more action to be taken on the Parvusmountian government to allow more freedom to be achieved. The campaign came to fruition upon the calling of this referendum - the first ever democratic vote of any kind to be held in Parvusmount. If the electorate of Parvusmount voted either to become an Outlying Province or Self-Determined Province it provided the Prince's Order with the reasoning it needs to dissolve the Parvusmountian government and admit Parvusmount to participate in unitary elections as an outlying province or force democracy onto a new Parvusmountian government as a Self-Determined Province. Whether the Prince's Order even held the power to do either within an SDP became the subject of much debate.


Shortly following the announcement of the referendum, the Parvusmountian government began to express its concerns over whether the Prince's Order is constitutionally capable of calling a referendum within an SDP. It was concluded by Prince Joshua that calling a referendum alone did not breach Parvusmount's autonomy, rather the result of which could. If the electorate of Parvusmount voted for any option other than the first, the Prince's Order would have theoretically been unable to fulfil this without breaching the autonomy that was granted to Parvusmount as one of the conditions of its annexation into the Confederation of Greater Princia (now the Princian Commonwealth). The 2021 Act of Referenda on Self-Determination was the first ever legislation the Prince's Order passed pertaining to the Parvusmount SDP following a prolonged period of a laissez-faire attitude the Prince's Order maintained towards Parvusmount. The Prince's Order released a declaratory statement during the controversy asserting that although an SDP enjoys extra autonomy within Princia, the Prince's Order is the supreme legislative authority of the nation as a whole and such authority extends even to SDPs regardless of their annexation conditions or level of autonomy (essentially stating that the Prince's Order can do with Parvusmount whatever it wishes, irrespective of prior agreements). The Parvusmountian government rejected this statement and said it would unilaterally declare Parvusmount's independence from Princia if any of its conditions of annexation were infringed upon.


"Should Parvusmount remain a Self-Determined Protectorate, become an Outlying Province, become an independent country or become more integrated into Princia as a Self-Determined Province?"
Answer № of rocantons Percentage
Remain a Self-Determined Protectorate 4 13.3%
Become an independent country 1 3.3%
Become an Outlying Province 11 36.7%
Become a Self-Determined Province 14 46.7%

Following the announcement of the referendum result it was customary for Parvusmount to become a Self-Determined Province, though the Prince's Order was acutely aware of the Parvusmountian government's intense opposition to this proposal. Parvusmount converted to a Self-Determined Province on the 2nd January 2022, stripping the Parvusmountian government of much of its authority and in effect placing the Prince's Order as the supreme authority within the province, forcing the Parvusmountian government to implement democracy to its government structure and to request laws pertaining to Parvusmount to be debated in the Electoral Legislature of the Prince's Order.



Parvusmount is divided into 6 baronies (sometimes known as cobarates), equivalent to Princian counties - each led by a Baron, represented in the Parvusmountian upper government by one or more elected Cobars and represented in the Filorux board of directors by a director. The list of Parvusmountian baronies are as follows:

Barony Alt. name(s) Capital Significance
Antrobel City of Gearfast
Asher's Ness Asherness Legiongate City
Bearkby Kenzer Bearkby Bearkby City
Bosteria Bosteria-with-Mascop City of Waverybuild Largest
Jopverholrake Jopver City of Chasperleigh
West Riding of Antrobel Antrobel West-Riding City of Kinparley Capital

Some baronies combine to make up Parvusmountian regions. Currently the only baronies to do so are Bosteria and Jopverholrake, making up the region known as the Viceregalty of Kazveria-Castille.

Kenzer Baronies

A kenzer is type of barony in Parvusmount that has been granted independence to operate as a separate barony from that of the historic baronies: Antrobel, Asher's Ness, Bosteria and Jopverholrake. Currently there is only one de jure kenzer, the barony of Bearkby Kenzer, centred on the rocanton of Bearkby City and independent from Asher's Ness. The West Riding of Antrobel, centred on the rocanton of Kinparley City, is often described as a de facto Kinparley Kenzer as it achieved its independence from the barony of Antrobel, although not named as such. A kenzer centred around the rocanton of the Mascop City was previously granted independence from the barony of Bosteria as the Mascop Kenzer but was later abolished due to public opinion in favour of reunification.


Parvusmount is divided into 24 rocantons (sometimes known as roparates), equivalent to Princian districts - represented in the Parvusmountian lower government by an elected Ropar and represented in the Prince's Order by an elected Minister. Previously (as in the 2021 Parvusmountian Status Referendum) the number of rocantons stood at 30, but following the referendum result this number was reduced to 24 to be in-keeping with the rest of Princia's electoral structure. The list of Parvusmountian rocantons are as follows:

Rocanton Barony
City of Gearfast Antrobel
Town of Andrithicket
Caperanza & Mordecai
Thebes Avaris
Legiongate City Asher's Ness
Town of Manswall
City of New Memphis
Praxwas Township
King's Tesiphon
Bearkby City Bearkby Kenzer
Vasef Township
City of Waverybuild Bosteria
The Mascop City
Town of Quaybar
City of New Belgrade
Royal Dobrovody
City of Chasperleigh Jopverholrake
The Ambers
Town of Hignbay
City of Kinparley West Riding of Antrobel
The Wilchstreets