Patrick I, Emperor of Paravia

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Patrick I
His Imperial Majesty Patrick I,
Emperor of Paravia
King of Demirelia
King of Hoppalobindia
Photo taken in July 2017
Paravian Coat of Arms Greater.png
Emperor of Paravia
Reign 29th November 2014 - Present
Coronation 9th October 2015
Predecessor Throne established
Heir apparent Nicholas, Prince Imperial
Riksminister Mikael Bokmann (2017 - Present)
CoA of Demirelia.svg
King of Demirelia
Reign 30th June 2016 - Present
Coronation none
Predecessor Himself (as Co-Emperor of Demirelia)
Statskansler Mike Lewis (2016 - 2017)
Lise Naesheim-Renvik (2017 - 2018)
Edward Daniels (2018 - 2019)
Lise Naesheim-Renvik (2019 - Present)
Greater coat of arms of Nedland.png
Emperor of Nedland
Reign 12th May 2016 - 4th November 2016
Preceded by Throne established
Succeeded by Ned Gunderson
As Khagan
Prime Minister Ned Gunderson
Greater coat of arms of Abelden.png
In office 1st time 10th October 2016 - 14th October 2016
2nd time 4th April 2017 - 23rd August 2017
3rd time 1st March 2018 - 21st April 2018
4th time 1st April 2020 - 29th June 2020
5th time 10th July 2020 -
Preceded by 1st time Ned Gunderson
2nd time Michael Brazeau
3rd time Shiro Mephistopheles
4th time Edward Daniels
5th time Vacant
Succeeded by 1st time Horatio Eden
2nd time Newton von Uberquie
3rd time Alejandro Whyatt
4th time Vacant, later himself
Monarch Stephen I & II
Nicholas I
Cinnamon Creek Flag.png
Premier of Cinnamon Creek
Held office 14th July 2016 - 5th August 2016
Preceded by Ava Neasa
Succeeded by Stephen Freayth
Hoppalobindia CoA.png
King of Hoppalobindia
Reign 5th June 2008 - 23rd February 2010
11th August 2015 - Present
Preceded by Throne established
Succeeded by Throne disestablished, re-established in 2015
Consort None
House Renwick
Father Sean Renvik
Mother Lise Naesheim-Renvik
Born 9 January 2002 (2002-01-09) (age 21)
Stavanger, Norway

Patrick I, Emperor of Paravia or Patrick Renvik (born 9 January 2002) is a Norwegian micronationalist and the Emperor as well as founder of the Empire of Paravia, a micronation based in his homecountry, Norway. He established Paravia in November 2014. He was for a short term lasting only 1 day High chancellor of Paravia before stepping down, choosing his father, Sean Renvik to succeed him. He is involved in numerous other micronational governments including that of Beacon City and Archmidian, Nedland and Abelden. He was also involved in the Abeldane Commonwealth. He has also been involved in a number of intermicronational organizations. Most notably the Micronational Cooperation Group, in which he served as Secretary between September and December 2015. In May 2016, after the re-establishment of Nedland as an independent republic, he was offered to become emperor of Nedland by the Nedlandic president, Ned Gunderson. He accepted, and Nedland was transformed into a monarchy under the name State of Nedland. In July 2016, when DRCC Premier Ava Neasa was forced to withdraw temporarily from micronationalism because of school, Patrick was appointed Acting Premier, to serve as DRCC's head of state until Neasa returned at an unspecified point in the future. He would later step down from this post following Cinnamon Creek signing the Treaty of Nyros, thereby joining Paravia. Stephen Freayth would succeed him as premier of Cinnamon Creek. In September 2016, Patrick was elected Stellvertreter of Abelden in a landslide victory. Following Vorsitzender Ned Gunderson's resignation a day before the October 2016 election, leaving Patrick to serve as interim Vorsitzender for 4 day, before being defeated by Horatio Eden in the election.

In the April 2017 elections, Renvik running as the DLP candidate for the Vorsitzendership, narrowly defeated Independence Party candidate Will McCracken in a vote in the Reichsversammlung, following a 4-way tie in the popular elections with the Conservative party and the Edge party. Renvik then set about forming a coalition government, consisting primarily of the members of the former Twain Administration.

Personal life

The Emperor on the political compass.

Emperor Patrick was born on 9 January 2002 in the city of Stavanger, Norway to Sean and Lise Renvik. His childhood was relatively uneventful until 2008 when he along with a friend established the Kingdom of Hoppalobindia. Hoppalobindia quickly fell into inactivity and was officially dissolved in 2010. Later in May of the same year his younger brother, the current heir to the throne Prince Imperial Nicholas was born.

In the summer of 2014 Patrick stumbled upon a video about the Principality of Sealand and was intrigued. He started researching more about micronationalism and decided he wanted to start his own micronation. Even though Hoppalobindia had been a micronation, there had been no knowledge about other micronations. After around five months of planning, Patrick established the Empire of Paravia on 29 November 2014. He then took the title Emperor and announced Paravias establishment the following day on the forum.


Standard of the Emperor

Emperor Patrick's reign has seen the rapid expantion of Paravia both physically and intermicronationally with a number of diplomatic relations opened with other micronations. It has also seen the acquisition of a large amount of territory in a number of countries. The Emperor's reign Can be characterized as prosperous and peaceful, with the odd bump along the way.

The Emperor made the decision to enter the Pannonian War on the South Maudlandian side against Liberland at the end of May 2015. Despite heavy criticism from other micronationalists towards the war, Paravia was able to get through the war with not too many problems, being the last supporting belligerent of South Maudlandia to withdraw, doing so on the 10th June 2015. This has later been described by the emperor as "his worst decision as emperor".

Paravia however, quickly recovered and the emperor was instrumental, along with Ned Gunderson and Stephen of Abelden in the founding of the Micronational Cooperation Group, in which he served as its first secretary.

2016 would see massive changes to Paravia. First, Patrick was involved in re-founding the GUM, and became the Chief Paravian delegate. Later, he would sign the Treaty of Nyros, which turned Paravia into a federal empire, annexing various other Micronations as federal states, forming a new major Micronational federation.

Titles and Styles


  • 9 January 2002 – 5 June 2008: Patrick Renvik
  • 5 June 2008 – 23 February 2010: His Majesty The King of Hoppalobindia
  • 23 February 2010 – 29 November 2014: Patrick Renvik
  • 29 November 2014 – Present: His Imperial Majesty The Emperor of Paravia

Full title and style

His Imperial and Royal Most Eminent Majesty Patrick I, by the Grace of Providence, Emperor of Paravia and the Crown Lands, King of Hoppalobindia, Sovereign of the North, Duke of the Clyne, Duke of Clipp, Grand Duke of Sugarloaf, of the Islands of the Western Sea Lord, Defender of the Constitution and of the Realms and Territories of the Imperial Crown, Lord to the Stars of the Northern Sky, by Anointed Power and Grace King of Demirelia and all her Lands and Territories, Sovereign Lord and Defender of the People, Duke of Renwick and Lord of All the North, Hereditary Prince of Beacon City, Grand Duke of Imvrassia, Grand Duke of Drakshafen, Margrave of Storwald, Lord Protector of Norwald, Warden of Herbertia, Marquis of Bessatre, Count of Clemensbuier, Baron of Satirno, Commander-In-Chief of all Imperial forces and of the Royal State Forces, Knight of Archmidian, Co-Sovereign of the Order of the Two Eagles, Grand Master of the Order of the Imperial Star, Sovereign and Grand Master of the Royal Order of St. Swithun, Sovereign and Grand Master of the Order of Demirelia and Sovereign and Grand Master of the Illustrious Order of the Mountain.

Military command

The Emperor as head of state is also officially the head of all the branches of the Imperial Armed Forces. These include: The Imperial Army, The Imperial Navy and the Imperial Air Force. Emperor Patrick was the commander of Paravian troops in the battle of Skyvik Hill. The battle took place on the 7th June 2015 and was against "Liberlandian" supporters as part of the Pannonian War.

Monarchical styles of
Emperor Patrick I
Personal CoA of Patrick I.png
Reference style His Imperial Majesty
Spoken style Your Imperial Majesty
Alternative style Your Grace


Ribbon bars

Order of the Rampant Lion ribbon bar.png Order of the Lion (Karnia-Ruthenia) - ribbon.svg Order of Demirelia ribbon bar.png Order of Saint Bartholomew ribbon bar.png
OBS ribb.png Order of Memery ribbon bar.png Order of St. Peter (Karnia-Ruthenia) - Ribbon.svg Order of the Emperor Penguin ribbon bar.png
Order of Imperium Abludum ribbon.png Ribbon bar of the Royal Family Order of Purvanchal-Grand Commander (before 2022).svg Order of the Lotus - Grand Cross (2020-2021).svg Order of the Marquis (Lieutenant) - ribbon.svg