Pearson Territory

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Pearson Territory
Sovereign Land
Lady Elise at the Pearson Territory
Lady Elise at the Pearson Territory
Coat of arms of Pearson Territory
Pearson Park
Claimed6 April 2021
Founded byNorthwood-Oregonian Parliament
 • Total2.58998811 km2 (1.00000000 sq mi)
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST-4)
 • Summer (DST)UTC-4 (EDT-3)

The Pearson Territory also known as Pearson Park to locals is a national park in Oregon, Ohio comprised of old-growth forest and wetlands claimed by the Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon as Sovereign Land. The park was claimed and renamed by the Pearson Territory on 6 April 2021 after ratification of a bill to do so by the Northwood-Oregonian Parliament, it was claimed alongside the Nature Trail Territory. [1] It was later made into a national park by decree of Queen Sarah I.[2]

It is a class 3 listing in the Cupertino Alliance's Cupertino Areas of National Interest programme, meaning that it is considered locally important.[3]


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