Peerage of the Empire of New Prussia

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The Peerage of New Prussia is a legal system comprising of hereditary and noble titles.

Peerages are created by the monarch of New Prussia on 10 January 2021. Nobility titles are purely honorary, and hold no practical, administrative, or political functions. Nobles are mainly created for the recognition of their outstanding services to the empire. Any citizen of New Prussia may become a noble, including a member of the Imperial Family. Nobility can be created and dissolved at the sole discretion of the Emperor.


The Peerage was created on 10 January 2021. Imperial Decree V has updated and reformed the peerage. Imperial Decree XI added the Count of Oxford to the Imperiality as heir to the Grand Prince of New Hanover.


There are seven ranks, in descending order of hierarchy in English and German.

  • Prince/Princess (Fürst/Fürstin) Manner of address: His/Her Highness. Spoken: Your Highness
  • Duke/Duchess (Herzog/Herzogin) Manner of address: His/Her Grace. Spoken: Your Grace
  • Earl/Earless (Reichsgraf/Reichsgrafin) Manner of address: His/Her Grace. Spoken: Your Grace
  • Count/Countess (Graf/Grafin) Manner of address: The Count/Countess Example. Spoken: Your Excellency.
  • Viscount/Viscountess (Untergraf/Untergrafin) Manner of address: The Viscount/Viscountess Example. Spoken: Your Excellency.
  • Baron/Baroness (Freiherr/Freiherrin) Manner of address: The Baron/Baroness Example. Spoken: Your Lordship/Ladyship.
  • Lord/Lady (Herr/Herrin) Manner of address: The Lord/Lady Example. Spoken: My Lord/Lady.

Digital Coronets

These are the crowns/coronets of the empire. The files of the coronets do not belong to the creator of this page except the New Prussian Imperial Crown.

New Prussian Imperial Crown

Crown of New Bavaria

Crown of New Saxony and of the Crown King

Crown of Biberdamm

Coronet of the Grand Prince of New Hanover, a Prince and a Crown Prince

Coronet of a Duke and the Grand Duke of New Oldenburg

Coronet of an Earl

Coronet of a Count

Coronet of a Viscount

Coronet of a Baron

New Prussian Imperiality

The New Prussian Imperiality is a list of titles that belong to the Imperial Family

Crown/Coronet Title Holder Created Notes
Emperor of New Prussia Emperor August IV 25 May 2018
Crown King of New Prussia King Colton 25 May 2018 Brother of August IV
King of New Bavaria King August IV 25 May 2018
King of New Saxony King Colton 11 February 2019 Brother of Emperor August IV
Queen of Biberdamm Empress-Grandmother Diana 30 March 2011 Maternal grandmother of August IV
Grand Prince of New Hanover Emperor-Father Eugene 15 February 2019 Emperor-Father of August IV
Archduke of Southwest Clinton Archduke August 8 March 2023
Crown Prince of New Bavaria Crown Prince Colton 25 May 2018
Crown Prince of Biberdamm Crown Prince Joseph 30 March 2011 Maternal Uncle of August IV and Prince Colton
Crown Prince of Southwest Clinton Crown Prince Colton 8 March 2023
Prince of Dewitt Prince Colton 8 March 2023 Title held by the Crown Prince of Southwest Clinton
Grand Duke of New Oldenburg Prince Colton 1 June 2022 Title held by a sibling of the reigning Emperor
Duke of Lowden Duke August 25 May 2018 Title held by the King of New Bavaria
Count of Oxford Count August 24 June 2022 Title held by the heir of the Grand Prince of New Hanover
Viscount of Clarence Viscount Colton 1 December 2021 Title held by the King of New Saxony

New Prussian Nobility

Titles granted to citizens and members of the Imperial Family by the Emperor


Peerage Peer Created Notes

Ordinary Dukes/Duchesses

Peerage Peer Created Notes
Grand Mound

Extra Dukes/Duchesses

Peer Created Notes
Sonya Johnson 26 July 2022


Peerage Peer Created Notes


Peerage Peer Created Notes


Peerage Peer Created Notes
Wheatland Prince Reese 27 May 2021 The eldest nephew of Emperor August IV
Oxford Junction


Peerage Peer Created Notes


Peerage Peer Created Notes
Oxford Mills