People's Democratic Front (Erusia)

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People's Democratic Front
Party namePeople's National Front for Democracy and Reform
MicronationDemocratic People's Republic of Erusia
LeaderMaria Carlisle
EstablishedNovember 28th 2008
IdeologySocial Liberalism
Political positionCentre-left

The People's National Front for Democracy and Reform, more commonly known as the People's Democratic Front or simply as the PDF, is a political party operating in the Democratic People's Republic of Erusia. Founded on November 28, 2008 by Maria Carlisle, the Front is dedicated to reforming Erusian society away from it's Communist nature and instead progressing towards a truly Democratic Republic. Though the Front is in direct opposition to the ruling Erusian National Communist Party, Maria Carlisle is currently serving in the executive branch of government as National People's Executive Commissioner for Foreign Affairs. The Front has confirmed that when the first general election is held Maria Carlisle will run for the office of Supreme People's Commissioner.

As of November 2008, the People's Democratic Front is the second largest political party in Erusia, controlling 33.33% of seats in the National People's Assembly.


The history of the People's Democratic Front began in early November 2008 when Robert Lethler, the Supreme People's Commissioner at the time, met with Maria Carlisle to discuss the possibility of her joining and forming an opposition party to the Erusian National Communist Party. Although initially uncertain, Carlisle eventually agreed to form the People's National Front for Democracy and Reform.

Politics and Ideology

The People's Democratic Front is generally regarded as a Social Liberal party, favouring reform of the current Erusian system. The Front officially asserts it's vision of Erusian society as "a State in which all enjoy greater librety, in which the State is less involved in the lives of it's citizens and in which taxation and similar measures are favoured above Socialist Fundamentalism". The PDF favours the establishment of a strong, regulated economic system in which the Erusian state prints so much money in a year and must allocated that money to it's Citizens fairly, creating a basic but effective simulation of macronational monetary policy.