People's Republic of Eskar

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People's Republic Of Eskar
Coat of arms
Motto: Progress through unity.
Anthem: One Glorious Nation
Official languagesHindi & English
Demonym(s)Eskari & Eskarian
GovernmentSocialist Republic Under a Totalitarian Dictatorship 2018-2021
Establishment11 November 2018
• Census
CurrencyEskari Zejro
Time zoneZST Zhagos Standard Time

Eskar, officialy the People's Republic Of Eskar was a micronation founded on 11 November 2018.


Even before Eskar was created, there were two micronations: Melberia and Aspenia.
But Melberia eventually fell and the leader of Aspenia changed to come under the command of Ikonia.
The citizens of Eskar not wanting to be governed by Ikonia, therefore decided to proclaim their independence and thus found Eskar.

Government and politics

The government of Eskar was a Socialist Republic Under a Totalitarian Dictatorship

Foreign relations

Eskar doesn't have foreign relations as of right now.


Citizenship requests must be filled out here. The President hand-approves every citizenship request.


The Eskari Zejro was the currency in Eskar.


1 January : New Years Day

11 January : Presidents Day

20 March : Start of Spring

April : Easter ( Date can vary )

12 May : Mother's Day

17 June : Fathers Day

21 June : Start Of Summer

23 September : End Of Summer

11 November : Independence Day

24 December : Christmas Eve

25 December : Christmas Day

31 December : New Years Eve


State TV Channels in Eskar

1. (ECTV) Eskar Central Television