People's Republic of Linian-Marksovka

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People's Republic of Linian-Marksovka (eng)
Volksrepublik Linian-Marksovka (ger)
Kónkekù ê Dáláwatukóikò Linian-Márkssowká (lxn)
Волксрепублик Линиан-Марксовка (cyr-ger)

2015 -
2015 -
2015 -

Capital Nabú and Marxstadt

Motto Unteilbar und unzertrennlich
Indivisible and Inseparable

Anthem Der Frühling kam über die Oder

Official languages
- Official English, German, Linxan (Traditionally in Linian)

Government Socialist Union
-National Senate Jonathan Bunch, Maximilian Brunner

- Informal foundation 3 January 2015
Population 14(2014)

Time zone CET/GMT+1 and UTC-7

Drives on the Varies

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Formats Metric system

Internet TLD .com

The People's Republic of Linian-Marksovka, in German Volksrepublik Linian-Marksovka (lxn. Kónkekù ê Dáláwatukóikò Linian-Márkssowká), is a federation between the Democratic People's Republic of Marksovka and the People's Republic of Linian. It has been informally founded on the 3 January 2015. The Armed Forces of Linian-Marksovka are the Pan-Atlantic Revolutionary Troops.


Before the establishment of the People's Republic of Linian-Marksovka, the two nations had been close allies for much of their existence, holding common cultural roots and ideals, along with having a number of citizens who took part in both Linian and Marksovka. With time the Pan-Atlantic Economical and Cultural Pact was formed, along with the Pan-Atlantic Revolutionary Troops, which strengthened the bond between the two nations even more. Eventually, seeing that the two nations were quite united under the PAECP, along with a large portion of both nation's militaries was shared, discussions arose about the partial merging of the two nations, into a union not all unlike that of Austria-Hungary. Once terms were agreed upon, the People's Republic of Linian-Marksovka was founded the 3rd of January, 2015, though only informally. The People's Republic has yet to be formally ratified, though the constitution is nearly completed and expected to be signed by the end of March, formalizing the establishment of the union.