People's Republic of Nguyenistan

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People's Republic of Nguyenistan
Nguyenistan (Nguyenistani)
Coat of Arms
Coat of arms
Motto: All Hail Holy Chaplin Nguyen!
and largest city
Parlew City
Official languagesEnglish, Nguyenistani, Vietnamese
Demonym(s)Child Of Nguyen and/or Nguyenistani
GovernmentAbsolute Religious Military Dictatorship
• King Emperor Supreme Leader Admiral General Colonel Comrade Holy Chaplin
Tan Nguyen
LegislatureChurch Of Parlew
EstablishmentHoly Birth Of Holy Chaplin Nguyen (Classified)
• Census
30,000 oppressed people
CurrencyParlew Lines
Time zoneAustralian Eastern Standard Time

The People's Republic of Nguyenistan is a centralised religious government with lineage to vietnamese communism. Nguyenistan's leader is King Emperor Supreme Leader Admiral General Colonel Comrade Holy Chaplin Nguyen. The People's Republic has a centralised 1 party government and has the state religion of the Church Of Parlew.


The People's Republic of Nguyenistan was founded at the birth of Holy Chaplin Nguyen in Vietnam. His father was a communist and instilled his beliefs into Holy Chaplin. His holiness Holy Chaplin Nguyen was born with the wisdom of the universe. At the age of five, his father sent him to Australia along with a small detachment of troops from the Holy Nguyenistan People's Socialist Liberation Military Force for the Subjugation of Hostile Territories in the Name of the Holy Chaplin. He annexed a small area in an Australian school and indoctrinated the children in the Church of Parlew. He, along with his new subjects, formed the Socialist Religious Democracy of Parlew. This communist nation lasted for three days before reforms were made and the current republic was formed.

Flags and State Emblems


The People's Republic of Nguyenistan is situated in Sydney and lays claim to the annexed territory of the suburb of Ultimo and its populous and buildings as well as the coastal territory and its waters. It has 4 states each responsible for certain management and resource collection.

Flag Name Resource or Management Sector Role and Important Features
State of Kelly Street The Capital State Deals with diplomatic or political issues. It has the State Building. It contains the primary place of worship as well as containing the Primary school.
State of Bay Street Food and resources and residence Provides Nguyenistan with its main resources and food as well as being the principal place of business.
State of Wentworth Park Land, agriculture and sporting events Provides land for agriculture. Also contains an arena built for greyhound racing, however, it is now only used for humain horse racing as well as public rugby and soccer fields. It also contains the secondary school.
State of Mountain Street Residency Contains more state buildings and residency, as well as a few cafes.

It also has 3 territories with their own roles.

Flag Name Resource or Management Sector Roles and Important Features
Territory of the Coast Fish, concrete and naval power This territory contains a fish market and produces the nations fish. It also has a concrete plant for concrete production and possesses the naval docs.
Territory of the Servo Fuel and resources It is a service station for automobile repairs. It also stores the nations fuel supply and a small amount of resources.
Territory of Waste Management Industrial Territory It contains the waste manage plant and facilities for construction projects.


The People's Republic of Nguyenistan has 3 branches of the military that are responsible for the state's defence.

Royal Revolutionary Army (RRA)

The Royal Revolutionary Army of Nguyenistan is responsible for the defence of the state on land and the maintenance of military power within the state.

RRA Personnel

The Royal Revolutionary Army's General is King Emperor Supreme Leader Admiral General Colonel Comrade Holy Chaplin Nguyen. It has 1 officer, Captain Cash Register and 3 enlisted soldiers.

RRA Equipment

The Royal Revolutionary Army has 1 Beretta Model 1923 handgun between the three soldiers.

Royal Revolutionary Kriegsmarine (RRK)

The Royal Revolutionary Kriegsmarine is the nations primary naval force.

RRK Personnel

The RRK's Admiral is King Emperor Supreme Leader Admiral General Colonel Comrade Holy Chaplin Nguyen. The RRK consists of 1 officer, Commander Komanda Karoma and 2 unarmed sailors.

RRK Equipment

The only water craft the Kriegsmarine has is a wooden raft propelled by an oar, with a modified garden hose designed to intake seawater and propel it at low speeds. The purpose of the hose is to defend the vessel from pirates, wildlife and Australian Law Enforcement. The raft is named the HCNS Deathtrap. The name derives from the fact that the ship is at the service of Holy Chaplin Nguyen (HCNS) and has been known to cause harm to the crew that operate it, who have since dubbed it the Deathtrap. The injuries caused by the vessel are still under investigation by the RRA, but analysts believe the causes are a combination of poor training and the equipment being overall inoperably dangerous. Despite its name, no one as of yet has lost their life aboard the vessel.

Royal Revolutionary Air Force (RRAF)

The Royal Revolutionary Air Force is the primary aerial defensive branch of the military.

RRAF Personnel

The RRAF's Colonel is King Emperor Supreme Leader Admiral General Colonel Comrade Holy Chaplin Nguyen. The RRAF currently has 1 active serviceman who is both the commanding officer and pilot of the branch's aircraft. His name is Field Marshal Captain Pilot Man and Chief Senior Sergeant Corporal in Training Officer Captain Dr. Batman Bin Suparman. Dr. Batman Bin Suparman is widely considered to be the most educated man ever to have come out of Nguyenistan's education system and is currently a Professor in Gambling Addiction and has 12 Doctorates in the study of Knee Pain and is pioneering studies of the sociology behind broken knee joints.

RRAF Equipment

The RRAF currently has 1 remote controlled helicopter. The helicopter is a Syma S107 S107G 3.5Ch Remote Control Led Light Rc Helicopter With Gyro, which was purchased from Dick Smith. It has no weapons or recording equipment however it is currently being used as a reconnoissance vehicle. The vehicle doesn't have room for a pilot and is thus remote control. This is the fourth remote controlled helicopter the RRAF has had to purchase as of 2021 because the first one got stuck in a tree and the rest were shot down by Australian Law Enforcement during reconnoissance missions that took place at Katoomba Police Station. This is the only series of military engagements that the People's Republic of Nguyenistan has ever taken part in.


The following states are formally recognised by the People's Republic of Nguyenistan and maintain full diplomatic relations:

The following states are formally recognised by the People's Republic of Nguyenistan but maintain no diplomatic relations:

The following states and factions are not recognized: