People's Republic of Pambia

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People's Republic of Pambia
Coat of arms
Motto: Together we stand, united we fall.
Anthem: Pambian Glory
Official languagesUK English, Pambian
• President
Edward Hunt
EstablishmentNovember 19, 2010
• Census
CurrencyPambian Sterling
Time zoneUTC)
This nation is a member of the Friends Alliance

The People's Republic of Pambia is a micronation located in Norfolk, Rukora,United Kingdom. It was founded on November 19, 2010, its national and most-played is Rugby Union but other sports include Rugby 7s, Football, Pambian Rugby and Pambian Football.


Pambia was named after a spirit capable of great violence and also of great care. This spirit would bring destruction upon those who were evil while bringing warmth and care to those with good hearts.


The People's Republic of Pambia is a descendant of New Pambia, a nation that collapsed during a war against New Orlando. The war started on the June 3, 2008 and New Pambia was totally destroyed. But a one new Pambian was alive and started a new micronation called People's Republic of Pambia. The micronation now has another problem; the country had to be unseen from New Orlando. So it gave itself a new name and was hidden until the heat of the war had passed.


The main alliance is the Friends Alliance which consists of 3 micronations: DES Senya, CR Dallingrad and People's Republic of Pambia. The alliance was formed by three friends living in the same area in the UK, President Barnaby Hands of DES Senya, Dictator Ewan Whitmore of CR Dallingrad and President Edward R Hunt of People's Republic of Pambia.


The Sport in the micronation is Rugby Union, Rugby 10s and Football. All of the sports have a team. For rugby union we have the Pambian Republic, for Rugby 10s we have the Pambian fist, for Football we have the Pambian Repubilc.

Edward R. Hunt, President and Founder

Edward R Hunt
President of the People's Republic of Pambia
Name:Edward Hunt
Place of Birth:London, England
OccupationHead of the People's Republic of Pambia

Edward R Hunt is the current president, and founder, of the People's Republic of Pambia.


Edward was born in London and at the age of 5 moved to Norfolk. He did not stay there for long as there was constant flooding. Because of this when he was 10 years old he moved to Briston.

Edward's job is being the MP of the People's Republic of Pambia, and he recently was voted head of the PRP.


Edward has a lot of hobbies, for example he likes model making and playing rugby union, which he is rather good at.


Edward has 2 main friends, Ewan Whitmore and Barnaby Hands, who have always been his best friends. Because of the three's friendship they made the Friend's Alliance.


Edward's Ambitions are to restore pece in PR Pambia and help save the planet. He started to do this by signing up with the Friend's Alliance.

Interlagos, Capial City

The capital city is called Interlagos


Interlagos is a surviving city after the great war with New Pambia. Its remains helped keep the country in a stable state.


The main bussiness in in Iterlagos is egg farming, because the nation has 6 chickens who produce eggs, and another industry it has is Bed and Breakfast.


The owner of Interlargos is different to the overall country. Interlagos is shared with president Edward R Hunt and Joe who is one of the people who set up the country.

Nation Animal

The national animal is a cat since it is the only pet in the micronation.

Foreign relations

Foreign relations of PR Pambia.

Micronation Population Area
CR Dallingrad.png CR Dallingrad 4 30m sq
Senyaflag.png Senya 4 30m sq
Sandbarsflag.png Sandbars 3 Unknown
Tfoeflag.png Technological Federation of Erephisia 40+ (Unknown) Unknown


PRP has no permanent military. It is ran on volunteers so Edward Hunt hopes there will be no wars so PR Pambia will need to use the volunteers. Despite a volunteer military they are well equipped.


The PRP government is a democracy and the last election was on the 19th of November 2010 and the head of parliament is now Edward R Hunt Who will be in power for 4 years for the next election.

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