Peter I, Prince of Carnovia

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His Princely Highness
Peter I of Carnovia
Peter Simon Malček
Portrait of his Princely Highness

Prince of Carnovia
Assumed office
21 November 2021
Prime Minister
Jan Novák
Chief Marshal
Predecessor Throne established
Personal information
Born November 6, 2002 (2002-11-06) (age 21)
Slovakia, BR
Nationality Carnovia
House House of Malček-Krnovský
Residence Carnovia
Occupation Monarch
Religion Christian
Coat of arms
Military service
Allegiance  Carnovia
Rank Commander of armed forces

Peter I (Peter Simon Malček-Krnovský, born 6 November 2002) is Prince of Carnovia Principality and commander-in-chief of the Carnovian Armed Forces

Born into the standard family of a mere worker having a one sibling, later on founded the noble House of Malček-Krnovský by declaring independence of Carnovia Principality on 21 November 2021. In addition Peter I established the throne and Monarchy of Carnovia through his actions, specifically by writing the Constitution.

Peter is known for his strong political passion and participation in political parties within Czech Republic and Carnovia.