Phoklandian Aristocracy

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Order Of The Aristocracy

Imperial Emblem of the Aristocracy
Awarded by The Phoklandian Monarchy

Domanglian Foreign Intelligence Service

Phoklandian Coast Guard
CountryTsardom of Phokland
TypeDesignates member of the aristocracy of Phokland
Awarded forAnyone who has been deemed worthy by His Imperial Majesty of receiving entry into the royal court of Phokland.
StatusCurrently Awarded
Established10 February 2007
First awarded2007 to King Charles I of the Kingdom of Rosston
Total awarded11 awarded

This page contains a list of all known recognized members of the Phoklandian Aristocracy. Note that this list only includes individuals who themselves, possess a title of Imperial Nobility. Siblings, children and spouses of said individuals may not appear though they may in their own right be considered members of the aristocracy.


Picture Name Title(s)
File:Farm.jpg Dame Mia Sanchez Order of the Phoklandian Guard, Imperial Tsar of Phokland
Charles Ross Prince-elector
Sir Kevin Ross 1st Baronet Ross
Lord Sean Griffith 1st Baron of Rosston
Princess Kaidyn I Princess of Gleichenberg, Crown Princess of Phokland
HIG Sir James Ellis I Knight Commander of Phokland, Order of the Phoklandian Guard, Grand Duke of Kyber
Thomas Ellis Gentleman in the Court of Phokland, Lord of Arcelia
Duke Brock Lang Duke of Fort Portland
Duchess Lilith Collins Commander in the Order of the Phoklandian Guard
Lady Leilani Gabriel Order of the Phoklandian Guard
HIG William Wilson Archduke of Wilson